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  1. Love this scripture and it is one that keeps being brought to my attention. I love that He wants me to come away with Him….Blessings,Dori

  2. Beautiful. I just posted on the subject of God being an example to us and knowing when to get rest.

  3. Monkey Giggles says:

    I love this verse. Just being with Jesus is the sweetest joy.

  4. rest.and restoration.amen sister sue.shalom toyour shabbat.

  5. CrownLaidDown says:

    What a lovely way to put that picture with that scripture!I'm praying for you this week before boot camp. Is he headed to the Air Force Academy here in CO?Also, I love the header on your blog! It's very delicate and pretty.Please stop by Erin's and pray.Love you in Him,hollyPS Hoping to see you all this summer!