All Because Two People Fell In Love


This collage is in my hallway…

My favorite one is on the top left and says,
“Family, all because two people fell in love.”

Why is it so easy to forget that?

We get so busy and sidetracked with the bills and the babies, the laundry and the lasagna.

Days turn into years and we grow apathetic, forgetting the crazy wild passion that brought the two of us together.

We take each other for granted.

Long conversations sitting in the driveway when we were dating turn into short snotty comments we quip to one another as we pass in the kitchen.

Life catches us off guard. Flanks us when we’re least expecting it.

But then, a picture, a memory, sneaks its way into our view and we think about that young couple that fell in love so many years ago.

Remember that couple.

Get in touch with that couple.

Take them out to dinner, do something spontaneous with them and remind them of days long ago when they couldn’t wait to see each other.

Remind them of the long conversations on the phone.

The anticipation and thrill of the sound when their car turned into your driveway.

The day they got engaged.

Help that couple remember that the home, the family and the memories are all because two people fell in love.

And encourage them to do it all over again.

I’m praying for our marriages,

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  1. Jen Archer says:

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  2. Love this post Sue… so true that life catches us off guard and crashes in on us. I think it takes such effort to enjoy and nurture marriage that some couples get easily discouraged…it isn't as easy as it was when they were dating, kidless, free of so many responsibilities. But when couples do make the effort, the result is phenomenal!! I know that for my husband and me, when we are intentional in our relationship, the entire house benefits. Just a lot more harmony. Thanks again! Julie Sibert
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  3. So true and such a great reminder that it all comes back to love!!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Great post – coming over from Melanie's and nice to find your blog:)

  5. wonderful encouragement!

    Come check out my hair disaster. It will give you a good laugh (just don't laugh too hard at me)
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  6. so beautiful Sue, thank you for posting and reminding-may we never forget what the Lord has and can do. God bless you! Praying along side you for our marriages as well!
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  7. Very good post! Thanks for it. 🙂
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  8. I love this. Such a good reminder to keep things in perspective when things get difficult.