August Praise and Coffee Giveaway


This month I want to give you the CD of an amazing woman, she has lived through tragedy far worse than most of us could dream.
Tammy Trent grew up in my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI and I knew her husband’s family.

She is putting out a new CD this month and it’s sure to be amazing!

I love the title, “Stronger,” I hope it inspires you too!

A short bio of Tammy’s incredible story:

Tammy’s story is one of despair and unexpected grace. In September 2001 she and her husband, Trent (from whom her stage name comes from), spent a few days in Jamaica – part mission trip, part vacation.

On September 10th, Trent went diving and never returned. Tammy spent the rest of the day with rescue divers trying to locate her husband with no success. She woke up the next morning in the home of strangers to discover that the whole world had gone mad. As she waited for news of her husband, she watched the news as two planes plowed into the Twin Towers in New York City – later that day she had to identify the body of her husband.

No one in her family could get to her as flights were canceled. She was held captive in Jamaica for ten more days waiting to return to her family. Tammy’s story of God’s grace in the midst of such pain, fear and loss touches everyone she ministers to.

It is one thing to call the Lord shepherd – it is another to be carried by Him when you can no longer stand. Tammy is constantly amazed by our Lord’s commitment to us in the worst moments of our lives.


Comment to this post if you would like to win this CD and a bag of Starbuck’s coffee.

Let me know if you have my “giveaway button” in your sidebar and you will be entered twice. Thanks to all of you that do!!!

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  1. Edge of Design says:

    I remember and will probably always remember the emotions I went through on 9/11. I can't imagine having to go through that in addition to dealing with the loss of her husband and best friend.

  2. Darlene R. says:

    Wow. I can't even imagine what she went through over those 10 days. It would be a blessing to have this CD.

  3. beckyjomama says:

    Oh, my gosh, the heartache. I cannot imagine.Sign me up for the giveaway – I need to hear this CD. I love her!And I am adding the button now!

  4. ukrainiac says:

    Yes, I have the button. And, my memories of 9/11 are strange because my family was in Ukraine. Didn't seem like it could possibly be true. Looked more like a bad "B" movie. I hadn't even thought of the possibility of those cancelled flights being anything but a slight annoyance…adding days to a vacation…simply an inconvenience. I cannot even imagine what those days would have been like for Tammy…

  5. I heard Tammy's story at a Women of Faith conference a few years ago. She is so courageous, yet open and honest about where she is. I would love to have this CD!

  6. Hi Sue, that CD sounds awesome. (And so does the coffee!) I hope you don't mind posting them to Australia if I win!! Please enter me into the draw- twice- I've just added your giveaways button to mu blog… handy, that!

  7. heartreflections says:

    She has such an amazing testimony. And I agree her CD is going to be powerful. Thank you for this opportunity!

  8. That is some story, Sue. Thank the Lord , He is so always with us and ministers to us. I would love the CD. I will have check about the Giveaway notice on my blog. I did have it, may have to add it again.

  9. I just added your button back on my blog, Sue. :o)

  10. I LOVE Tammy Trent! My favorite (so far) is At the Foot of the Cross. I do have your button on my side bar! Sign me up. Awesome CD and Coffee! 🙂

  11. A Stone Gatherer says:

    That sounds like a wonderful CD! I haven't read her book yet! I didn't realize that all happened around 9-11! How awful!!!! Thanks for this great give-away, you are very generous to do this each month! I have your button on my blog!

  12. Please enter me and I do have your button on my sidebar.

  13. Thank you for sharing about Tammy. I can't imagine how that must have been for her. Even though she was alone without family, God was with her. What a story.I would love to have her new CD. Thank you for your monthly giveaways. I do have your button on my blog 🙂

  14. Tammy sounds like an awesome person! I would love the CD. I also have your button on my blog!

  15. Photo Buffet says:

    We never fully know God until we're tested. It sounds like He is turning her pain into a mission field.

  16. Sounds like she has amazing faith in our Father.

  17. *sniff* That is a tragic story

  18. I am so glad she found the strength in our Lord to continue on and help others, thanks for posting her story.put me in for the give a way please, thanks. Have a great weekend:)

  19. I have heard Tammy's story and would love her CD. I do have your button in my sidebar!

  20. windycindy says:

    What a powerful story! Please enter me in your drawing for her CD and the Starbucks coffee. Thanks, Cindijchoppes[at]hotmail[dot]com

  21. What an incredible story! I would love to own her CD!BTW, I also have the giveaway button on my blog. :)[I accidentally commented under my husbands ID and have deleted that one]

  22. Powerful testimony. i am standing in line.

  23. Audra Marie says:

    Wow – that just about made me cry. I can't imagine the heartache. 🙁 I'm putting this CD on my wish list. I've also added your button to my Events and Giveaways page on my blog. 🙂

  24. I remember the horror and disbelief I felt during the days following 9/11, but I cannot imaging having to live my own personal horror at the same time.I've never heard Tammy Trent, but I'm sure she makes good music!! Please add me to your giveaway – your button is still on my Journey through Faith blog!

  25. WOW! what an experience she had. I'd love to win the cd and coffee!!And the button is on my sidebar!

  26. What an incredible story and what a TRUE woman of faith!!I would love to have her CD – sounds like a great treasure!

  27. A story of God's grace- thanks for sharing!artandjen(at)juno(dot)com

  28. elizabeth embracing says:

    It's still causes my heart to stop at the thought of 911, but then to lose your husband. I am sure that this woman is truly amazing to use her hardship to bring people into a better understanding of our Amazing God!!!

  29. Sharon Lynne says:

    I have been thinking a lot about tragedy lately. Christians are definitely not exempt from any tragedy.And I try to figure out God's mind.But of course, that is impossible.For answers about strong faith, I recently reached for the book, "The Hiding Place" to draw on the faith of Corrie Ten Boom.Tammy's CD sounds like another MUST HEAR story, about God's love horrendous circumstances.

  30. Mary Lou says:

    What a testimony. What a blessing to listen to it and then pass it on to someone else who will benefit from it. Our faith isn't faith until it's tested. I'm standing on Christ the Solid Rock for all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand. He is true and faithful. thanks for the opportunity to get thed cd and some cofffee. Blessings on your family in the coming week…

  31. Lady_MSnow says:

    Wow…I never heard her story before. I can't even imagine what it would have been like to go through that. I just praise our Lord that he helps us through trials…no matter what they are.Please enter me…again…Oh..and I still have your giveaway button on my blog.

  32. Lady in Waiting says:

    When we lived in G.R. I had heard of her – I would love to win this AND the coffee – what a great giveaway you do each month! Thank you!

  33. It is always amazing how God leads us to others that have endured so much pain in their life and yet, He is so good and gives them strength to carry on. I know that He truly does carry us when we think we can't walk. What a testimony this CD will be!

  34. Tamrah T. says:

    Yes, our God is an AWESOME God! Her testimony is a true example of His tender love for us! PTL!!!Thank you for sharing her CD.Lord, bless,Tamrah(jttsoATcybertrailsDOTcom)

  35. Susan Kelly Skitt says:

    Praise God we are carried by His grace. I know what it's like to identify the beloved body of your husband and continue to live by the mercy, compassion and strength of the Lord…God bless,Susan

  36. I love your blog and read it often, it is very uplifting and inspiring. I love Tammy…and coffee! What a wonderful/sweet giveaway. Many thanks!!

  37. PowerSweepstaking says:

    Thanks for that story! And the opportunity to slobber some starbucks!

  38. PowerSweepstaking says:

    oh by the way, still on the sidebar, just a different address then last month,

  39. Kathleen G. says:

    I've just recently learned to count on my faith…that asking Him for the strength and courage to carry on, keeps my fears at bay. I would love to listen to the CD. Peace

  40. darnelle says:

    Tammy gave her testimony last year at my Church's women's conf. I can't remember when I was so deeply moved. I'm emotional just reading your post about it. I'm sure the CD is awesome!(I don't have your button because my geeks (kids) tell me I haven't any room for more widgets. One day I'm gonna learn some code and give up these templates for good 🙂

  41. Hi sue!Count me in on the giveaway:)

  42. Her life is so touching. To go through so much but still love the lord. Please enter me.cpullum(at)yahoo(dot)com

  43. Bebemiqui says:

    Great giveaway! Count me in. bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com

  44. Just Mom says:

    wow. what a strong woman. this cd sounds incredible, as does her testimony. please enter me in the drawing.and yes, your button is on my blog.

  45. Dancin' Wallflo says:

    I am humbled by this story. I am sure that God surely carried her under his wings during that difficult time. Please sign me up for giveaway.In Christ Alone,Kim

  46. Xandra@Heart-of-Serv says:

    Wow…what a story. I can't even imagine.I have a button, so sign me up!Xandra

  47. devildogwife says:

    Wow! What a story! I remember very clearly what happened on 9/11. My world was turned upside down (due to hubby's job in the Marine Corps, we didn't see him very much until things settled down again). I can't imagine him being gone completely… It's hard enough when he's deployed.P.S. Your button is on my sidebar

  48. Oh my goodness — I can't fathom what those days were like for her. I'd love to hear her CD.

  49. What a blessing to know God never leaves us alone. Even though we don't understand the losses and crosses in this life – we will in heaven. Such a story should touch everyone. I know it touched me.

  50. Sue,Enter me if you haven't already. I love Tammy Trent and, in fact, a support group for military wives is hosting a concert with Tammy in a few weeks here in Nashville.If any of your readers live in the area, they can purchase tickets at Lifeway Stores or they can go to <a href="<br />Did you enjoy your visit to HOT TENNESSEE?? :)Blessings,Dori

  51. Her story is so powerful!I would love the new cd…Thanks!

  52. Michelle says:

    I have heard of her, but didn't know this story. I can't imagine. Thanks for sharing this. Blessings

  53. Sounds fantastic! Sign me up! THANKS!

  54. What a heartbreaking story. I can't even imagine those 10 days without any family!!!Please enter me into your drawing 🙂 And yes, I have your button on my blog.Thanks so much for your generousity!

  55. nelsontwinsmom says:

    Wow, what a story. I would love to have her CD. I'm also adding your button to my blog.

  56. I am in awe of Tammy. You never know how truly strong you can be with God's help until you are put through something life-changing. I am glad that her relationship with God became stronger and that she continues to share her gifts with us.