The Summer 2013 Praise and Coffee Magazine, Our Last Issue

The Summer Praise and Coffee Magazine is here!

Click here to read: Summer 2013

It’s filled with great articles by amazing women. The topic is freedom, and we tackle it from all angles.

Freedom from our past, freedom to forgive, freedom from debt and more.cover summer 2013

Our last issue…

It was a little harder to press “publish” on this magazine. As you will read, it is the last magazine for an undecided amount of time. I tell you about the decision on the last pages of the magazine.

We’ve had three great years publishing this magazine! I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who submitted articles and poured their hearts out on the pages over the years. I’ve met some wonderful ladies along this journey and connected with women that have become friends in real life.

My focus is shifting and I have some other projects that have been calling for my attention for a long while and I’m hoping I can make some forward motion in those areas now.

The topic of “Freedom” was decided before I decided that this would be the last issue, but it is quite fitting. I don’t mean to say that I’m ‘free of the magazine’ because I’ve loved doing it. Loved it! But it is freeing to know that it’s ok to lay down something you love doing when you do it while trusting that God is leading you and has other things on the horizon.

It’s easy to go with the flow and once a system is started, just keep moving but the past few years I’ve learned to enjoy the fluidity of a relationship with Jesus. The message stays the same, but the vehicle changes. Freedom brings peace, but it often has to be fought for. We have to fight the voices and disappointments of others. Don’t expect everyone to love or understand the changes that God calls you to do.

But bravely step out, or step back, whichever you’re feeling the tug to do. Peace is the signature of a walk with God. I did not say quiet or calm or even easy, but I said peace, that inner sense that you’re on the right track and the contented rest that comes with trusting the Father’s love and leading.

I hope that even this move to stop publishing the magazine will encourage and inspire you to follow close to what God lays in your heart because His ways are always better than ours.


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Florida Trip, Bloopers Included

What a great trip, oh how this Michigan girl loves South Florida in March!

Before I even got out of the gate, I met a Twitter friend Lisa Lehmann aka @thebeadgirl she was also flying to Ft. Lauderdale, but I think she spent a little more time in the sun than I did 🙂
Check out her Twitter page and amazing jewelry on her website!
Studio Jewel by The Bead Girl

So basically I traded this:

For this:

And this:

We had such a great time! My sweet friend and ministry partner Melissa Mashburn and I drank lots of coffee while making plans for the ministry of Praise and Coffee Nights, including videos, but more on that later.
This is Jill, she is the pastor’s wife at the host church for Melissa’s Praise and Coffee Night. She is such a doll! She’s from Michigan so completly understood my almost weeping at the beautiful weather we were sharing.

This is Melissa and I with Lisa, she traveled 3 hours to attend the Praise and Coffee Night! She even brought hubby and kids and stayed at a local hotel! She will be starting Praise and Coffee Nights in the Cocoa Beach area soon. It was so great to meet her as we’ve been online friends for a while.

This is Mel and I with Juliana, just one of the many women on Melissa’s incredible team for Praise and Coffee Nights. Loved her! I think I need me a Juliana too!

And yes, I was the only one there without sleeves. They thought it was chilly, I was basking in the warmth.

And this is a shot of some of the girls! See them all congregating over in the corner? That’s because they had the most beautiful cupcakes you’ve ever seen!!! AND tasted 🙂

And this is the shot everyone asked for…Melissa’s famous back porch! It is heavenly. Wild parrots singing in the background while we visited over some cafe de’luche or something wonderful like that…from a beautiful little Argentia coffee shop.

And then there was Louie the Lizard that thought is was really funny to sneak up on me every chance he got. He looks huge in this picture. He wasn’t that big. But you would have thought he was by my reaction. I’msuchagirl.

And then my husband took this of me after I was home.
Wool coat and snow on the ground. The booboo lip says it all.

It was a wonderful trip, I’m so thankful that I was able to go and visit with Melissa for 4 days. And believe it or not we actually accomplished a few things!

So many of you that want to host Praise and Coffee Nights but don’t have anyone to lead, have requested videos so we made a few while I was there.

Check out our YouTube page for the “Praise and Coffee Conversations”

Feel free to show them on your computer at your Praise and Coffee Night!

They are all under 10 minutes and leave you with discussion ideas so it’s super easy to host a Praise and Coffee Night now.

Just invite a few friends and plug us in!
(I tried to upload the videos to this page but after having the program crash several times and great chunks of hair pulled out of my head, I decided to just post links *insert clenched teeth smile here*)

Here is a link to the channel with all the videos: Praise and Coffee on YouTube
Here’s the video: “What are Praise and Coffee Nights
And here are the “BLOOPERS
I hope the bloopers don’t scare you away.
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