Earthquake felt in Michigan!

I was shaken awake this morning by an earthquake!
Actually it centered about 400 miles south of here at 5.4 in Southern Illinois.
I hope everyone there is ok.

Mark left around 5 AM to go to Michigan International Speedway to ride in a Sprint car, so he was gone.

My bed shook and my dresser handles were rattling.
I stood up and felt it moving below me, I went out into the hall and Steph’s door was rattling in the hinges.
I called Mark and he was like…O…K…. (she’s crazy…)
I was so glad the news confirmed it soon after!

A couple of weeks ago there was a tornado 2 miles away, now an earthquake.
What’s next?! 🙂

I have a Friday Fluff post, I’ll try to get it out a little later…….(it may be a Saturday Stuff post!)

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Wasn't that crazy!?! I posted on this today also. However in my house I thought my Mark was going a little loopy when he suggested and earthquake. Too funny.Smiles!

  2. Alisun@ABrookeInTheF says:

    I just heard about it on the radio, we did not feel it up here.So glad everything is still where it should be.

  3. I am glad you are okay. I have not herad the news today. I bet that was strange feeling. We have beautiful weather today in Central Alabama. Sunny and breezy….Hope everything is okay!!

  4. We had a minor earthquake here (VA) several years ago; it was very strange. Glad you are OK.I am (FINALLY) getting back into the loop of blogging and visiting since my move. It's nice to be here again; please stop by and see me.Vanessa

  5. A Stone Gatherer says:

    Ya know I never felt it and I was up! I live about 4 miles east of Jennifer!

  6. Sue Cramer says:

    Looks like I won't have time to do my Friday post and I'm headed out of town. See you next week!

  7. Slept right through it!

  8. A few years ago, Sarah and I were stretched out on my bed just chatting before heading out somewhere and the bed started shaking and I told her to stop it…it makes me sick to my stomach. She and I looked at each other because the ceiling fan was dancing around, too. We had an earthquake. Northern Virginia. Who woulda thought it?

  9. Mel's World says:

    That is totally W-I-L-D!!! In all the years I lived in Louisville, KY I NEVER had anything happen like that, tornados, yes, but earthquakes…nope!I am glad to hear that you are all OK (even if you are a little crazy). 😉 Melissa

  10. Glad your ok, heard many stories about it.

  11. Ang baylis says:

    I never felt it! That's so scary! Glad everything is okay. Much love to you!Angie xoxo