Free Giveaway!

Iā€™m so excited, this is my first giveaway!

If you would like the chance to win, just comment to THIS post.

I will be doing a drawing and announcing the winner on
October 15, 2007.
Here are the rules:
1. Post a comment to THIS post
2. Make sure there is a link to your email
so I can contact you if you win
3. One entry per person please!

Edited to add:
If you don’t have a link to your email on your blog and don’t want to post your email publicly- send it to my email and I will save it in case you win.

ALSO- I moved the drawing date up to October 15th!!!

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  1. Oh — pick me, pick me! :)Dori

  2. Praise and Coffee what a concept.Love, Ali

  3. Penless Thoughts says:

    Oh sign me up, Sue!!! How great.Susan

  4. Sue, I came over after your comment on Meandering…I LOVE your site…I especially love your prayer with from the post below…beautiful!!I have to teach, but will be back also…You had me with the title…praise AND coffee….I'm hooked!!Nice to meet you!Lori

  5. Kids and K9s says:

    Just found you… spend every morning in Praise with my cup 'O Joe… (o: ~ Kim

  6. Leigh Gray says:

    wow – this is so wonderful of you!!! what a blessing!! thank you for doing this – hope I win too!! ha ha!Have a great day!

  7. Monkey Giggles says:

    Love the praise love the coffee. That's what this monkey is all about so count me in. I will link to you today. Thanks

  8. Great contest!

  9. Frazzled Farm Wife says:

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I would love to sign up for your contest….I love coffee and praise and worship music.

  10. I can leave comments! But I ask for another to be picked(if I am)! I just wanted to say hello and I can comment again!Jennifer

  11. i'm to late ;o/

  12. Sue @ praise & c says:

    NO inspired- I'm not drawing until Oct 30!

  13. o thats good i thought it was sept 30th.. God B Praised.. O/

  14. How fun!I saw your comment over at CrownlaidDown so I had to come over and check you out.I love, love, love a good cup of coffee on a cool day. I have not heard of this coffee before but I have heard of Hillsong.Cool giveaway.You know how to find me. šŸ˜‰

  15. Sarah Anne Sumpolec says:

    Thanks for stumbling by my site!Love the name of your site. Those are two things that make me happy:-)

  16. Michelle-ozark craft says:

    That is a wonderful thing to do1 I am gladly entering! Huggles and nice to meet you!

  17. Greetings. I happened by via your comment to Shannon @ Rocks. May I play too, pretty please? Thank you!

  18. you told me to come over….here i am! make a south dakota girls day and pick ME!!:0)

  19. What a fun idea!If you visit my blog you can see how much I LOVE coffee! We have a saying in our home, we don't just DRINK coffee…we DECORATE it! When I serve coffee, I always serve it with a can of whipped cream on the table, a selection of fun sprinkles, chocolate chips, and some of the starbucks powders to sprinkle on top. It tastes better if it is pretty!!! Of course,I always have tea or hot chocolate as an option….but we make drinking warm drinks AN ART! Don't you think I really need to win this contest?????!!!!!! ( :And…of course….while we are decorating our drinks…we MUST listen to some good worship music! I might steal your idea for a contest! What a neat way to serve your readers! So, keep an eye out! (I tell you what…if you let me win your contest…I'll let you win mine!!!) HA!!!

  20. What a fun contest! I just love to give things away and I love to win. :o) Maybe you'll pick my name!! Have a great Monday!

  21. ADD RUTH, pretty please. šŸ™‚

  22. Growing Believer says:

    I already love coffee and i would love a new christian CD. I am rowkring to Glrify Him in every aspect of my life and music has been a toughie.

  23. Coffee and praise music?!? Sounds like my special mornings! Sign me up, Girl!

  24. I'm commenting….:-) But, um the Beaners thing….don't think we have it in Canada…..:-(

  25. So nice to meet you my sister in Christ! Would love to share a cup with you and talk about HIM…. maybe there will be coffee in heaven?Blessings to you… may you live feirce for His GLORY!

  26. how fun! i'd love to win.

  27. LuvSchweetheart says:

    Ohh I love the Hillsongs cds! What a great what to start a morning…coffee and praise. šŸ™‚

  28. Susan Kelly Skitt says:

    I'm here, lovin' the idea… Praise and Coffee! A giveaway that matches your blog name. How thoughtful of you :)P.S. Here's my email, just in case: skskitt@comcast.netP.S.S. Be looking for a give-away contest at my blog, Adventurous Living. It will be coming in November in conjunction with a new book release: The One Year Life Verse Devotional from Tyndale.

  29. Cahleen 何凱ē³ says:

    Sign me up! Sounds like fun! By the way, thank you for the sweet comments. =)

  30. Hillsong was the first Christian music I ever listened to before my salvation. Their rendition of , 'Shout to the Lord' can still bring me to tears.My first visit here, I guess I picked a great time to stop by!Loved your blog…

  31. Everyday Mommy says:

    Coffee? Did someone say coffee?

  32. I’m not a coffee drinker but love Christian music!

  33. Momma Roar says:

    Sign me up! I'll love the music and my hubby will love the coffee!So sweet of you!

  34. Jane-Jane says:

    thanks for visiting my blog… was it your first time?OHHHH I hope I win… I could use some more music and coffee is always good!

  35. Oh my goodness…I love Hillsong …and good coffee- you're right, what could be better? And so perfect a giveaway from Praise and Coffee! :)Thank you for doing this!Blessings,~Tammy

  36. kdwhorses says:

    How great! Did someone say coffee?? Please sign me up!

  37. Anonymous says:

    I would love to be included in your giveaway. I just found your blog today. My email is hoverby AT gmail DOT COM. Thank you.Heather

  38. Irritable Mother says:

    I want to win!!!! šŸ™‚

  39. Jane-Jane says:

    LOVED your post from Sept 16th! John 14:66….no need for me to say more.I will be back to your blog (you may want to take that as a warning….lol)Have a GREAT day!Jane

  40. ~Just A Thought Ging says:

    Hillsong? Did you say we were off to Austalia together? Awesome!!!! JK šŸ™‚ Wouldn't that be fun though? We could leave Dave and Mark at home with the families, hehe.Yup, you can sign me up. Thanks Sue!

  41. Sue @ praise & c says:

    Ginger- that would be a blast! Maybe someday!We should make a coffee date though!

  42. How fun! I'm in!!

  43. Count me in!

  44. MMMmmm and how neat!!! Praise AND Coffee…looove it šŸ™‚

  45. Heather C says:

    Oh… me! Me! ME!!! Pick ME! LOLPraise and Coffee… what a FANTABULOUS giveaway! And the added blessing of friendship and blogginess… šŸ™‚ Thanks, Sue!

  46. Lady_MSnow says:

    This sounds wonderful! Sign me up please. :)candle_by_night at yahoo dot com

  47. How fun Sue! A chance to win prizes…..yea! I love Hillsong, so I would be thrilled to win!Take care, Sharon

  48. Now that's what I'm talking about…praise music and coffee! Count me in!

  49. Molly Coddled says:

    Oh, I so want to win! :)mcoddled @ gmail . com

  50. I saw praise and coffee in the header and thought….hmmm….this must be a nice place to visit.Sign me up!

  51. I have a little something for you over on my blog.

  52. Daughter of the King says:
  53. CrownLaidDown says:

    Ah now, you know I love me some coffee….but it is best with a friend. So if I win, will you visit me?Praying for you!Love,HollyPS Do you know the email you sent to me? I read it that morning early and came back after dropping Tasbor at Pre-K…while I was gone there was some kind of computer error and your email and two others were just gone! Can you resend it? I'd like to read it again and reply šŸ™‚

  54. I hope I'm not too late. These are great giveaways! What a wonderful idea and so thoughtful and generous, too!

  55. I couldn 'tr open the post. I 'll try again.

  56. Wow – who wouldn't love to win this?! I sure would. Thanks for stopping by and telling me about your great giveaway!

  57. I should automatically win, I have 7 children so I'm always lookin' for a good cuppa coffee;)0:) Amber

  58. LOVE that CD….ps…hillsong united florida…2nd weekend of November…their ONLY north america date!!!

  59. Enter me, please. Thanks.

  60. The Preacher's says:

    Oh how great is this!! I've been longing for a new Hillsong cd…LOVE your blog, Sue!!! (And I'm not saying that just because you are giving away cool stuff :))Lisa

  61. Sue, If you end up drawing a name of someone from Canada….maybe you could drive down and deliver it in person! (good excuse for a road trip!)loloh..and by the way….I think that is the most comments I have ever seen on a post!lol

  62. sorry! in my haste yesturday i forgot to add my email addy -hephzibah62 at yahoo dot com

  63. A Place For Ministry says:

    This is my first to your blog and it looks like I picked the perfect day to visit! Count me in! šŸ™‚

  64. Sue @ praise & c says:

    Oh Ruth- you're hooked up, don't worry about it!;)

  65. Christina. B says:

    i hope # 65 is a luck one, please pick me Christina B

  66. AdoptedAsHisOwn says:

    This is my kind of contest!!!!!ha Count me in!!

  67. Hi there, I came here from Gina's blog – and what a great surprise on my first visit – a giveaway! LOLGreat blog you have here, I'll be back again!God bless :)Oh and the email you can use is: carrie3218@yahoo.comThanks for being so generous!

  68. What a great givewaway – Hillsongs and COffee – my two favorites in life!!! THanks so much!!

  69. Org Junkie says:

    Oh yes please! Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway!!!!

  70. ukrainiac says:

    Can you ever have too much coffee? Thanks for a great giveaway…

  71. What a wonderful blog! I love it! Praise and coffee…. yes, ma'am– especially during the fall with a little pumpkin. Yum!!

  72. Lisa writes... says:

    Coffee? AND praise? Oh, yeah, I am so in…

  73. That sounds absolutely WONDERFUL! What a great giveaway!

  74. I love coffee and I love music! What else could a lady ask for? Blessings to you!

  75. Jan Parrish says:

    What a great Idea. I'm all about the coffee. Blessings to you and yours.

  76. Look at all the comments! I saw you at <a href="<br />What a beautiful site you have! And I'm so glad you'll have your son home for a bit.

  77. eek! I forgot to add my email addyAmberTITL at gmail.comHave a blessed day!0:) Amber

  78. I absolutely love Hillsong and coffee . . . well, it's a small "addiction"! I'd love to be picked. Great idea & thanks for being so generous! Love your blog, by the way.Have a great day!Jennifer H.Greenville, SC

  79. Wow, 77 comments…that is amazing! nothing like a giveaway to draw out the lurkers ;-)lolKimmiemama to 6one homemade and 5 adopted

  80. Rachel Marie says:

    Beautiful blog! The name caught my attention because those are THE 2 things that get me going in the morning!!

  81. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement — I just happened along your blog today through Lisa Samson's blog and wanted you to know how much your words came just at the right time! Thanks!

  82. Oh how awesome, you have a lot of excited contenders here šŸ™‚ Off to link to a new post of mine now. Never mind the contest, yours is one blog that needs to be read and savoured!

  83. WOWeeey!! I can not believe how many commenters you have here…crazy times.I do love the hillsong tunes!(I feel kind of weird visiting for the first time by entering a giveaway draw…haha…sorry about this. Perhaps I will come see you again. And btw my eaddy is on my blogger profile and on my blog's profile page. Thanks for the offer!)Demara

  84. Jennifer Hill says:

    How fun! I am really new to this and it just got even more fun. Smiles!

  85. Karen's Korner says:

    I just saw this on Praying Karen's site. As my friends know, I really love good strong coffee and set aside time every morning for a 'coffee break'. And guess what? Quite often I will be playing a Hillsongs CD in the background! This summer my daughter decided she also likes Hillsongs and I was so thrilled I went out and bought her the 'young' Hillsongs United CD 'All of the Above'.So I would love to win!!

  86. Mel's World says:

    WOW…Coffee AND great Christian music…sounds like a winning combination to me.Count me in on the "free giveaway", but I also agree with one of the other chicks…the blog is worth it whether or not you win. (well said)I am SO glad I found you today!Melissa

  87. Oh, that is a wonderful give-away! You left a comment on my blog, but did you want to enter my contest? If you did, your comment was in the wrong post. You can leave your contest post at the top of your page by chaning the published date to October 14th.

  88. Daughter of the King says:

    What a great giveaway…..throw my name into the mix.Debydebsblog at gmail dot com

  89. Don and Lisa Osborn says:

    I could use some praise and coffee, for sure…Thanks!Lisa

  90. I wanna join in the fun!I am enjoying reading your blog!Blessings!Mindy

  91. how wonderful! thank you for doing this!:) God bless!Bree

  92. SunnySusan says:

    coffee is my drink and Susan is my name….I would love these gifts…

  93. What an awesome giveaway! Who doesn't love coffee and worship music?!

  94. Maybe were close enough to each other in Michigan that we could meet with our daughters at Beaners!

  95. Sign me up ! I want to win !!!

  96. Sign me up! Thanks for the give-away!

  97. I found you after I found chocolate and coffee…hmmm, guess the coffee thing calls me-the praise is even better though!Great blog!Kathy

  98. Oh, I do love Hillsong, so please sign me up. :o) That is very sweet of you to have a giveaway.

  99. Coffee is soo addicting! YUM! Thnanx for having this contest. šŸ™‚

  100. Bev Brandon says:

    I am the 100th comment…that must mean something…means you are well loved…Do I love Hillsong??? They are in my car playing today…

  101. Christina says:

    Praise Music & Coffee!!! Nothing could be better!!!SO GLAD THAT I FOUND THIS BLOG!