Friday Fluff~ Lots of Random with a Side of Ranting

I haven’t done a Friday Fluff in a long time! Basically it’s a post about a whole lot of nothing that is swimming around in my brain.
If you are totally bored, grab a cup of coffee and enter my world.
God is great, coffee is good, people are crazy.
People ARE crazy! And I admit, I’m right at the front of the line with the crazies.
But, why do some people insist on living their life in dysfunction?
It’s not like they’ve never heard about God’s peace…but apparently it doesn’t appeal to them.
Yes, I know they are just so deceived that they don’t see the truth for what it is…blah, blah, blah.
Maybe it’s time to put your big girl pants on and grow up.

(Ok, that was not random, that would qualify more as a rant…guilty. Go ahead and tell the world about it on your facebook page…that’s where all the rational people settle their disputes right?! Ooops, ranting again…time to move on…)
Let the randomness begin…
Mothers, do you ever find yourself saying the craziest things and when you hear them come out of your mouth you just shake your head?
Just yesterday I found myself saying:

“NO! I don’t want to draw an igloo!”

I mean, what is wrong with me?
Do I have a problem with igloos?
Maybe it’s the cold I’m avoiding?
Why am I so opposed to such a simple task?
Maybe because I was up to my elbows in dishwater.
But still, a better mom would have dried her hands and drawn an igloo.
Speaking of drawing, Lauren drew a portrait of me the other day.
She made me hold perfectly still for this…I’m not kidding! I was scolded if I even tried to itch.
She would stare at me for what seemed an eternity then turn and draw my nose which as you can see is practically a perfect interpretation of my actual nose.
Then she came and lifted my hair and said, “I can’t wait to have big ears like yours.”
I didn’t think I had big ears but I’m never pulling my hair up again.
I do agree with Facebook friends who saw this and said that I am looking noticably thin. Might need to double up on the chocolate.
I went for an oil change this week. It really brings out the crazy in me. Something about driving in that garage with a huge hole under the truck freaks me out.
I’m just sure that I’ll fall into the hole and never be seen again.
Once I pull in safely and breathe a sigh of relief…I quickly turn off my truck, yank my keys out of the ignition and throw them down to the floor. I know that I will accidently forget where I am in the middle of the oil change and start my truck to hear music or check the time. It will be just the moment that there is no oil in my truck and it will immediately burst into flames. So I hastily throw them to the floor.
It never fails, this is when the scary man with few teeth, listening to AC/DC’s “Back in Black” approaches the truck to ask me my mileage, which means I have to turn the key on.
So I fish the keys from my floor board while he stares at me perplexed at their location.
This is when I become a frightened school girl again and nervously admit that I’m 1,000 miles over. I wait for the slap on the wrist…nothing, whew dodged the bullet. But of course he’s thinking about what a loser I am for not taking care of my vehicle.
After I give him my mileage, I quickly pull the keys out and decide they can sit in the cup holder just in case I need them again.
Lauren picks this time to get up and start bouncing a basketball in the truck (it’s an Excusion, we have a full court in there) and I immediately scream at her to stop because surely the bouncing ball in the truck will upset the scary men under the truck and who knows what could happen then.
I spend the time Twittering my anxieties while Lauren sulks until I hand her my phone to play games on. The scary men can’t possibly be bothered by that.
Finally it’s over. I drive out thankful to be done again for a few thousand miles, and breathe a sigh of relief that no one was hospitalized.
I told you it brought out the crazy in me.
I am leading a Bible study at my house this month on Wednesday nights, it is a great group of girlfriends and we are having a wonderful time.
This week though, for some reason my nose got a tickle. I sneezed 486 times in 2 hours. I literally held my finger under my nose as I shared my heart and soul about the beauty of a woman of faith.
It was bizarre.
I don’t know what else to say except thank you to all those sweet ladies that put up with it.
I have awful allergies, especially to cats, but I don’t think anyone brought a cat…at least I didn’t see one.
Next week I will double up on the Claritin and check their purses for cats.
Ok, if you read this far, you really need to get a hobby because you are one bored woman!
But thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!!
I’m so sorry if you left a comment and it disappeared, I am using a new comment system and not sure what happened, but they all disappeared. I did read them all though and am hoping that doesn’t happen again!
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  1. I'm glad to know that there are other women out there that have random fluff going on in their brains. LOL! Final thought: If you're out driving around…avoid all toothless scary men that are carry cats and you'll be fine. Have a great day!
    My recent post The Prodigal Son

  2. It is so nice to be once again reminded that everyone's life is crazy sometimes (or most of the time!) Thanks for the smiles today! =)

    My recent post What's The Story?

  3. Oh yes Debbie! I will keep my eye out for toothless men bearing cats!! Thanks, you too! Praising Him, Sue Cramer Praise and Coffee Praise and Coffee Nights

  4. Well, I was hoping to get that kind of response as opposed to people just stopping by and staring at the loopiness that is me! 🙂

  5. O.M.G. You must live in the country if you STAY IN YOUR CAR while they change the oil. Not around these here parts. No sir. No wonder you freak out. I would too. That's crazy.

    Now, go eat some chocolate, build an igoo and for the love of all man kind do NOT pull your hair up in a ponytail . . . those ears. . . . hahahahahahhaha

    Love you bunches!

  6. I was doing good until you called me bored and said I need a hobby. LOL :p . Oohh, the Excursion! Love ours. Just got mine for Christmas and I feel empowered in that tank. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that calls it a truck (love the sound of crankin' it up!)

    Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your everyday life. I forget sometimes that bloggers such as yourself and others that I "follow" have crazy goin' on too!
    My recent post Book Review:The Silent Governess (Fiction)

  7. SERIOUSLY GIRL, you make me laugh!!! It is SO GOOD to see that I am not the ONLY wacky woman on the internet praising God for His grace & mercy, ha!

    Eat your chocolate, build/color that igloo, pull your hair back, be proud of your ears, and smile the entire time….the JOY of the LORD is your strength!!!

    Love ya girlie, so glad to see Friday Fluff back!

    Mel <3

  8. LOL! Oh yes, we live in the country!! Can't wait to show you! 🙂
    I'll take you up on that chocolate!

  9. 🙂 I love me my Excursion…it's even a diesel so the whole neighborhood knows when I leave the house!
    I'm thrilled that you share your time with me 🙂

  10. Thank you! Love ya too!

  11. HAHA ..comedy…thanks for the laugh and a dose of someone else does that too!!!!:0)

  12. amy bender says:

    you are too funny thanks for the laugh!!

  13. Thank you for making me laugh and helping us realize that we are all "normal" just like you!!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  14. No problem! Always willing to humiliate myself for a laugh:)SueSent from iphone.

  15. You bet Amy! I hope you have a wonderful weekend girl!Sue Cramer<a href=" <a href=” target=”_blank”> <a href="<br /> />Sent from iphone.

  16. Thank you for thinking I'm normal :)Sue Cramer<a href=" <a href=” target=”_blank”> <a href="<br /> />Sent from iphone.

  17. I'm not bored, Sue. I was having a great time reading your Friday fluff. And your FB status really pulled me in. *grin*
    Well, that, and the alternative is – I could be folding laundry right now. LOL!
    Guess I better get to it. Thanks for the laugh.
    Love you!

  18. Just one word–HYSTERICAL!!!
    My recent post I Will Sing

  19. You cracked me up! I love this kind of post, because my brain works the same way as yours! It wasn't random…. it was the FEMALE BRAIN at it's best!
    My recent post Enter to win a Mexico Vacation Giveaway!!!**3 winners!!**

  20. I love it! 🙂

  21. It is very reassuring to know that there are other crazy mothers out there. I find myself saying the strangest things sometimes as well. Driving over the oil pit scares me too. But if you think your live is "fluffy" you ought to take a step into mine, well, maybe not. I wouldn't inflict that kind of punishment on my worst enemy! HAHA
    Love your stuff and your fluff, Sue.

  22. Lauren 's a Miss Piccaso

  23. You gotta love the randomness of life. 😀
    I know exactly what you mean about the "pit" at the oil change place.
    Why didn't you want to try an Igloo?
    And I'm sure the bible study was a blessing to everyone. Don't be surprised if everyone brings you a package of kleenex next time 😉

    My recent post Snatched Away

  24. Now I feel bad about saying people must be bored! LOL I know that any woman with children is never bored! 🙂
    There will always be laundry to fold! Mine is mocking me right now.

    Have a great weekend!

  25. 🙂 Glad I could make you smile today!

  26. Thanks Kari, it's good to have friends like you because I'm sure we make some people crazy! lol

  27. Have a great weekend Karen!

  28. So good to hear I'm not alone with the oil change thing…I'm pretty sure all the other gals are pointing and laughin at us! lol

  29. Thanks Kristine! Lunch was so fun and way too short! We will have to do it again J I was just busy and didn’t feel like drawing an igloo…and I’m a loser.  lolI had a pile of Kleenex so big I looked like I was  in a cloud. Praising Him, Sue Cramer Praise and Coffee Praise and Coffee Nights

  30. LOL…probably but hey…strange men…deep dark pit that you have to DRIVE OVER!

    I'm just sayin.
    My recent post Snatched Away

  31. This should have come with a warning *do not drink and read*. I nearly spewed my latte on my laptop! Thanks for reminding me that my life isn't as crazy as it seems — actually, it is really as normal as yours! LOL
    You should seriously consider this every Friday, it made my heart smile (the laptop said she is a little leery of me reading here). I have made a note not to drink and read at the same time!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  32. Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone about the oil change 🙂

  33. Oh yes she is! Love ya Amrita!

  34. I'm sorry Larissa!
    I love doing the Friday Fluff posts but it requires a certain amount of snarky and humor in me and I don't always have that working for me! LOL
    I'll try more 😀

    Thank you and have a great weekend too!!!

  35. Oil change! I forgot. I need one too.

    Lauren's interpretation is very Picasso – esque. I'd save it. It may be worth a million bucks someday. 🙂

    My recent post Friday Round-Up – #92

  36. Sandy VdR says:

    Bring on the Friday Fluff…. I can handle it (: Love it, Sue!I like your ears…

  37. YES!!! I am not the only one with irrational fears (big hole in concrete type). Made me shudder just to think about it. I think I need a cup of coffee!

  38. Wow, that was some random ranting. 🙂 I have really random rants too, so I can identify. Well you're a better woman than me. I don't even take my car for oil changes. My husband takes it over there.
    I'm glad there are other moms out there who say things like, "No, I don't want to draw an igloo!" Sometimes I wonder why I can't be more accommodating, but when I get 60 requests a day, something's gotta give.
    Yep, I'd say you could gain a few pounds.
    My recent post Thankful Thursday – Of A Different Sort

  39. Too funny! Come to think of it, I think it's about time to have the oil changed in our van……

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  40. Good idea Susan! 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by!

  41. Pour us both a cup Rose! 😀

  42. That's just it! It's the 61st request that sends me over the top! lol

  43. Glad I could help! 🙂

  44. Love your Fluff, or your lets say the Real You:) You still crack me up, keep them coming, and Laurens picture is adorable:)Blessings, Deb

  45. Lorraine says:

    I drove over one of those big holes at the oil change only once!! I delegated the job to my daughter after that. Not going there or doing that again!! 🙂 I alos do not like going through car washes!