Here Comes the Sun!

I am so thrilled that the rain has stopped here in Texas!
We spent yesterday cooped up in the motorhome all day. Tina, our friend from California, did the girls hair for them. Steph got highlights and Lauren got a little trim.

I had to go online to find Brooke’s performance because we don’t get FOX in the motorhome and her song choice was of course, perfect!

The rest of our week is supposed to be sunny, I’ll be putting up more pictures soon.

Our hope is in Him,

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  1. I live near Houston, and we woke up to sunny skies and 55 degree weather! Yay! It looks like we're going to have a nice Easter weekend.Xandra

  2. beckyjomama says:

    We have rain here – but Praise the Sweet Lord, no snow!!!!!!!!! In Michigan, that is WHAT I AM TALKIN' ABOUT!!!Oh, and I looooooooooooovvvveeee Brooke!!!!I missed it last night, so thanks for posting it.Becky Jo

  3. That was great and I usually don't even watch the show. Maybe I will start.

  4. Praise and Coffee says:

    Becky,I heard snow was coming later this week. I hope it's all gone when we get home!

  5. Denise C says:

    How cute …Little Lauren getting a trim! I hope you have a most blessed Resurrection day my sweet friend!!!Hugs and Love to you!

  6. Great version of the beatles song. Glad to hear the weathers clearing up for you!

  7. I'm sure glad you are alright. The floods sound awful. I can't believe I haven't kept up with American Idol this year. She is really cute.

  8. I love that darling AI girl…i'm it Brooke?! She is just the coolest kid/grownup!I'm so glad you are having fun!keep enjoying and enjoy that sun!Hugs~Fran

  9. Jenileigh says:

    We have rain here but boy is it needed! She looks like she's enjoying the hair cut!

  10. Praise and Coffee says:

    Fran, Yes, it's Brooke. I think she's darling too!Jenileigh,Yeh, she looks thrilled doesn't she!

  11. Alisun@ABrookeInTheF says:

    This is my Brook's song she just loved the video. Hope the weather stays nice for the rest of the week.

  12. AWW such a cute hair cutting pic! i just gave shiloh her first haircut last weekend…or was it the weekend before that? it was interesting… 🙂 daddy was busy feeding her "treats" while mommy did her best to snip a level edge. i wasn't so successful but i think it still looks a bit better than before. 🙂

  13. Monkey Giggles says:

    For us who live in the north…SNOW on Easter.Enjoy the Sun…soak it all up!!

  14. Praise and Coffee says:

    Ewww, snow. I hope it's gone by the time we get home. I'll be doing Easter dinner here on Saturday night for our crew.

  15. Lisa writes... says:

    LOVE Brooke! And your Lauren? What a cutie!

  16. Mel's World says:

    Here comes the Sun, do do do do…Here comes the sun (or in this case since it is Easter Sunday…Here comes the SON).

  17. The Young's says:

    Ok…do you know Brooke from American Idol…or are you just rooting for her? I LOVE her too!! She's probably our favorite girl on there! I LOVE her pure heart and spirit!! Have a great week!Buffi