I Met Monkey Giggles!

We had such a nice time! We met at a mall and sat in Panera Bread for WAY too short a time!
I still had so much I wanted to talk about, so we’ll have to do it again.

Yup, she IS just as sweet and fun as her BLOG makes her seem. No surprises here!

I am thankful to have so many new “friends” in the blogging world, and the ones I meet in person make all that much more fun.

Thanks for such a wonderful evening Hope!

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  1. Mel's World says:

    That is SO awesome!!! I am SO jealous…I am totally serious…we HAVE to have a Blogger Chicks conference somewhere…don't you think?I am so glad that y'all got a chance to hang out and visit!!!Melissa

  2. Monkey Giggles says:

    Hey Sue, I think Mel has a great idea. A Blogger Chicks Conference. Let's do it!

  3. Glad you could meet your friend. Both of you look so lovely.

  4. How wonderful!

  5. Oh how wonderful. I can't wait to get back to the states and make little MIRL trips 🙂

  6. Did you feel like you were meeting an online, blind date? That's how Debra and I felt when we finally met in person! LOL! I love being able to really put a face and voice to the blogs that I enjoy reading. And Panera bread? You couldn't have picked a better place to hang out as far as I'm concerned. Here's to more meetings of blog friends in the real world….

  7. toni in the midst says:

    Aw, that's wonderful. I met a very dear friend recently through blogging. We came to realize we lived less than 2 miles from one another and have lots in common. I went walking with her last night and she's coming over today. God truly blessed me through this new friendship (Miss Sniz' blog, btw.)And how neat that you too have met someone from blogland. You gals could pass as cousins.Blessings,~Toni~

  8. Sue @ praise & c says:

    It DID feel a little like a blind date! LOL!It was so much fun though, and her personality put me right at ease.OK- where should we do this conference???Cousins! What a hoot!We actually realized how close we were to each other after she won my contest. I can't promise everyone a personal meeting when they win- but this sure was great!We're only a couple hours away from eachother.

  9. It is fun to meet other bloggers. I got to meet Holly of Crownlaiddown. The visit was not long enough and we has all the family. One day we will all get to sit and talk undisturbed. :)Glad you got to have a visit even if it was short.I love Panera. We don't have one here but if we go to N.C or TN I try and make at least on stop. I love the cinnamon crunch bagel and the hazelnut cream cheese.

  10. Love Panera! I haven't been in a while…Conference is a great idea! I can't help but say that St Augustine really has a lot of beautiful place for conferences,

  11. ~Just A Thought Ging says:

    Isn't it fun to meet a blogging friend. I just did this recently and had a wonderful time with a very special lady! We were both nervous, but in an instant the Lord connected our hearts.

  12. Sue @ praise & c says:

    Sharon, I would love to meet Holly! Hoping some day I will.

  13. How exciting that you got to meet a fellow blogger. I'm glad you had a great time together!

  14. What fun! As for the Blogger Chicks conference…if it's anywhere near TX, I'm in!I love the title and header of your blog. Two things that make my heart sing…praise and coffee!Angela

  15. Oh, how fun!!! I have met one blogging friend in person and it was so great!So glad you 2 were able to meet! I'm all for a blogging get together!