Leadership Is Not About Standing In Front Of People

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Acts 20:1-2 (The Message)
With things back to normal, Paul called the disciples together and encouraged them to keep up the good work in Ephesus. Then, saying his good-byes, he left for Macedonia. Traveling through the country, passing from one gathering to another, he gave constant encouragement, lifting their spirits and charging them with fresh hope.

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  1. I actually disagree with this statement. Before he told them to continue the work he started, Paul stood in front of these people and preached and showed them what the gospel is. I would agree with this statement if it was modified to, “In leadership, there comes a point where your class/your audience (whatever you want to call it) has matured and you pass the baton.” But initially and predominantly, a leader is and should be very much out in front of people, like a king leading his army to war would not ride in the last line but in the first. You show, you sacrifice yourself first, you throw yourself into the fire ahead of your charges.

    • Thanks for your input Karen, ya know it\’s funny because I actually had more written in the post. I started with \”…any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. But having said that, we CAN expect to find cars IN a garage. In other words, standing in front of people does not MAKE us a leader, but it is common to find a leader in front of people.\”

      But I decided not to because I still feel that the heart of this speaks for itself, that leadership is about MORE than being in front, it\’s about helping others become what they were meant to be.

      This was certainly not meant to be an anti-speaking or leading message, but a pro-love and encouragement message.


  2. Perhaps simply adding the tiny word “just” before “about” would clarify it more, though I knew what you meant