Looking for your "Twilight" input…

I would love for you to answer a few questions for me. Feel free to answer them anonymously if you like…but I will be posting all of them unless you specifically ask me not to.

I realize this is a hot button topic among many Christians, I do not want this to become an argument, I want information and input.

Feel free to copy and paste the questions into your comment and answer them that way:

1. Have you seen the movie “Twilight” or read any of the books? If yes, did you enjoy it?

2. AND…if you did enjoy it, have you felt a need to keep your love for the series a secret from your Christian friends?

3. Have your children seen the movie or read the books? If no was it because you didn’t allow them to see it?

4. Do you feel they are acceptable for Christians to see and read? Explain.

5. Do you feel they have “teachable” moments or qualities in them? If yes, explain.

6. Any other thoughts about the Twilight series….

Thank you!!!!!
EDITED to add:
Thank you so much for all your input!!! Keep it coming 🙂
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  1. I personally haven't read or seen these, but I have been curious about it. My sister raved about the books and offered to let me read them, but as a Christian I wondered about the material. My girls are too young to care about this type of thing yet. I am curious to see the responses of what others think…

  2. I haven't researched enough to say definitely right or wrong, but just the title & such makes me feel it's not appropriate for me/my family. We have not seen the movie or read the books and have no intention to.

  3. Nancy the Romancechi says:

    1. I did read all four books in the series at my daughter's request. She owns the movie and I've seen it several times. I did enjoy the book, but I think that the writer grew as the series did. I have some issues with the end of the series, where the heroine gets everything she wanted with no sacrifice.2. No. I don't see how this series is, in any way, anti-Christian, and while I've run into a few people who think it is, they also seem to believe anything that is in any way "fantasy" is evil.3. My son, 7, has watched the movie over and over (whether I "okay" it or not) mainly, because he's seven and watches EVERYTHING over and over. My daughter is 20 and doesn't need my permission to watch the movie or any movie.4. It's fiction. I don't see why Christians should be scared of fiction.5. Sure. Good vs. evil, making choices to be who you want to be vs. what you were "born" to be. Same issue as in Hellboy where a demon chooses NOT to fulfill his "destiny" because he was raised by a Christian man.6. It's an okay story but there are some technical issues that bother me as an author. Some things hinted at that are never fully realized. I do think the chastity issue is a good one, but once the couple is married the "love scenes" (while not explicit) is a bit over the top. I don't believe it's the best YA series out there, nor do I believe it's the "worst" one, either morally or technically. People focus on what's hot, often ignoring other series that are either better or more problematic, just because they only see what's in the media, and Yes, I do think there is another vampire YA series out there that should be of more concern to Christians.

  4. Okay, I'll be brave and post. I didn't copy and paste your questions because I have not read the books or seen the movie. I don't plan to because I hear everyone talking about Edward (think that's his name) who is a vampire and the people I've talked to just think he's the best thing, so romantic, everything one could want in a man….how can that be? He's a vampire!! That is not a good thing, that is a bad thing, same as casting spells, whether you say you do "white magic" or "black magic", it is against God's principals and in my mind, vampires are in this same category, against God, and therefore I don't even want to be tempted to think that there is anything good in them (does that make sense? does it sound snobbish? ) I don't go around saying any of this to people unless they specifically ask, but for me, this is my opinion. I want to keep my thoughts pure, and I struggle enough with that without inviting thoughts about "good" vampires. Just my 2 cents and I certainly hope others weigh in here too.

  5. 1. Have you seen the movie "Twilight" or read any of the books? If yes, did you enjoy it? Yes, I did see the first movie. I enjoyed it quite a bit. As a Christian,though, I had mixed feelings about watching a movie with vampires in it, but was surprised that a lot of the focus was more on the two main characters and their relationship (and I am very romantic) so I enjoyed that aspect.2. AND…if you did enjoy it, have you felt a need to keep your love for the series a secret from your Christian friends?Yes. I guess I feel ashamed that I actually liked the first movie, and don't know if I would tell people I go to church with. My mom slightly upset that I saw the first movie. I don't know if I will see the second movie. If I do, then fine, but if not, I will live! :-)3. Have your children seen the movie or read the books? If no was it because you didn't allow them to see it?No, my daughter is only two at this point.4. Do you feel they are acceptable for Christians to see and read? Explain.I guess they are acceptable to read. There's so many other movies we watch (as Christians) that have unacceptable material/plot lines, and know that we may watch them but would never go out and actually do the things in the movie.5. Do you feel they have "teachable" moments or qualities in them? If yes, explain. As for teachable moments, I don't think they necessarily do.6. Any other thoughts about the Twilight series…. I was surprised at how few scenes they showed actual vampires (with the teeth and every thing.) The main focus was Edward's struggle to remain a "good" vampire, and Edward and Bella's romance. I was pleased that there was no sex or nudity. I do not agree with the idea of vampires. I don't think it's something I would let my kids watch. They need to make that choice when they're older, and I know that we will raise them to have discernment.

  6. Kelly Fisher says:

    1. Have you seen the movie "Twilight" or read any of the books? If yes, did you enjoy it? I have read the books – although I have not finished the last one yet. I began reading them because some of the high school girls I have close relationships with were reading them…but, I loved them!2. AND…if you did enjoy it, have you felt a need to keep your love for the series a secret from your Christian friends?No.3. Have your children seen the movie or read the books? If no was it because you didn't allow them to see it?My son was not interested….ha! ha!4. Do you feel they are acceptable for Christians to see and read? Explain.Yes and no. I think, as with anything, it depends upon the persons individual relationship with Christ. Just as some children under the concept of "reality" earlier than others – and are able to understand that "it's just a cartoon"….it's really dependant upon where you (or your kids are) in their life and walk with God. 5. Do you feel they have "teachable" moments or qualities in them? If yes, explain. Yes. One teachable moment…I went to dinner with about 12 girls who had read this series (we actually were all headed to the midnight release of one of the books). They were all talking about how much they "loved Edward". It shocked them that I told them I preferred Jacob. One of the girls asked me why…and my answer was simple. If you have read the books, you know that in order for Bella to be with Edward she would have to change into a vampire. That very fact seems to consume her. But, Jacob never requires her (or asks her) to change. I told the girls that this is a great example of seeking a man who will encourage you to continue to be who God created you to be…not have to change yourself in order to be with someone.There are many other insights…but, this was one of my favorites!6. Any other thoughts about the Twilight series….

  7. Katie Reeves says:

    1. I've read all the books in the "Twilight" series and I've seen the movie. I thoroughly enjoy the books, but I thought the movie was poorly made.2. If we feel like we have to hide something from others then we probably shouldn't be doing it in the first place. I don't mind sharing my opinions of the series with anyone who wants to hear them!3. I don't have any children yet, but I was introduced to the series by one of my Creative Writing students. News spread to my other classes that I was reading the "Twilight" books and I learned just how popular the series was with my high schoolers.I now work with high school and college aged girls who have seen the movie, but have not read any of the books. I definitely encourage them to read the books because I believe their quality is so much better.4. Once again, if a Christian feels convicted when doing anything they should stop. If a Christian's desire for God is greater than their desire for the content of books, then I believe it is acceptable for the Christian to freely read.5. I was really looking forward to the publishing of "Midnight Sun" wherein the reader learns of the inner struggle Edward (the main vampire) has between giving in to his natural instincts (killing) and acting out of love for another (preserving life). Sounds like Romans 7 to me!As a former English teacher I do have to say, if I ever used the series in my classroom, one of the activities would definitely be to find all of Stephenie Meyers's spelling and grammar mistakes! She needs to hire another editor!6. I have friends who choose not to read the books or watch the movies and I completely support their decisions!

  8. Katie Reeves says:

    Oops! That'd be Meyer's, not Meyers's. I can't help correcting myself. 🙂

  9. 1. Have you seen the movie "Twilight" or read any of the books? If yes, did you enjoy it?No – Not even interested in the movie or the books because of the whole vampire thing. Didn't buy the argument that it had vampires in it but that it wasn't about vampires. Heard that from many people. 2. AND…if you did enjoy it, have you felt a need to keep your love for the series a secret from your Christian friends?NA3. Have your children seen the movie or read the books? If no was it because you didn't allow them to see it?No & no. They weren't interested either.4. Do you feel they are acceptable for Christians to see and read? Explain.People are free to choose. I wouldn't recommend it to Christians because there are so many other great books out there, fiction and non fiction. 5. Do you feel they have "teachable" moments or qualities in them? If yes, explain.NA6. Any other thoughts about the Twilight series….Certain subjects just don't appeal to me as a Christian. Books and movies about witchcraft, homosexual behavior, adultery, etc….. I would like to follow Paul's example…Philippians 4:8Finally, brothers(Sisters), whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.I know that sounds self righteous, but with so much good literature and of course the Bible, I just don't want to waste my time.Blessings

  10. Cathy Davis says:

    I haven't read the books or seen the movies, and I don't really know much about any of the books. My kids have read the books and I know many adults who have too.Sorta reminds me of the Harry Potter debates – you know?

  11. I haven't seen itOur 13yo daughter (good, Christian girl) did see it at friend's house. And told me she did. She wanted to read the book after, but I told her I'd rather her not – but didn't say outright no! She ended up not reading it and later even commented that she thought people got too crazy about it.When "ALL" the kids are obsessed something (Twilight, HPotter, etc.) we just kind of get them to step around it – for the time being. Once kids aren't so NUTS over it, my kids are past even wanting to see/read it.I may see it simply so I can know what my daughter saw.In actuality, I do not feel it is healthy for my walk with the Lord to focus my mind on things of darkness – and I feel that is what Twilight is.I want to set my mind on things that are good and pure and lovely, as the Bible says.

  12. He & Me + 3 says:

    I went and saw the movie because so many of the christian bloggers were raving about how great it was. That you just had to see it…didn't know anything about it when I went to see it. I was so glad that I went matinee and didn't pay full price. I didn't like the movie or the concept and was waiting the whole movie for it to be the "best movie ever". Never read them & I am NOt interested at all in reading the books.I classify this with Harry Potter. I don't let my kids watch it and I don't either. WE don't watch Wizards of waverly place either on Dis*ney either. Just our opinions.

  13. Dear One,I haven't seen the movie or read any books concerning twilight.Haven't read any reviews about them as well.God Bles you in your ministry and may God's truths be uplifted.'FAITH LIKE POTATOES' is a grand movie. Have you seen it??? d from Kansas

  14. Ronel Sidney says:

    1. I have seen the movie and it was good. My hub by bought me the whole series but I haven't read them yet. 2. Nope3. My son is 5 so this is a non issue at the time bc he is too young. 4. I think as Christians we can see the light in the darkness and we should completely exclude ourselves from things bc they are dark. 5. IDK have given it much thought 6. It is what it is entertainment.

  15. 1. I haven't read any of the books or seen any of the movies, but I recently got the first book in the series from the library after having a discussion with a young lady about the books. She questioned why I hadn't read/seen them. My overall "I just didn't think the idea of glamorizing vampires seemed right" answer didn't sit well with *me.* It felt like a cop-out.2. n/a3. My kids haven't seen/read any of it. This is one of those things that I will read it first and decide if I think it's okay for them. At 13 they are at an age where they are beginning to make these decisions for themselves, though they still look to me for guidance. My 11-year-old son with autism I would not allow to read/watch such things, because he doesn't get the difference between reality and fiction. The twins completely differentiate, so I'm not as concerned about them.4. Since I have yet to read/see them, I couldn't make a recommendation, but that's all I could make even after reading/seeing. 5. n/a6. It's sort of like any other fantasy movie/book. Christians tend to write them off without knowing what their content is. If that's your conviction, then go with it, but I think we need to be careful to make a judgement against someone who doesn't share that conviction.~Debby/MI

  16. I was going to pick up the book because some people had commented that it was so good, but when I looked it over, I realized it was about a vampire and as a Christian, I don't feel we need to put any of that kind of stuff into our already polluted minds. I was saved to have the mind of Christ and I choose not to read or look at anything that doesn't bring glory and honor to Him and I doubt that this series would be honoring to Him. I personally would not want my grandchildren to read the series either. We are forced to see enough garbage on TV with the new series and even commercials – so I will continue to guard my mind and heart from worldly and sinful things, especially books with questionable contents.

  17. GinSpaghetti says:

    I've read all of the books, seen the movie and will be waiting in line to see the next movie and all movies after. I've also read the first half of the 5th book that was written from Edward's perspective.I do not feel guilty about reading the series or seeing the films. To me, it's no different than a dancing dinosaur on a children's show. It's fiction. It's a classic good vs bad.Is there something to learn or a teachable moment? Sure. That can be found in almost anything. Did I take time to analyze that? Absolutely not. It was a great story that kept me entertained. Just because something is secular, doesn't mean it's evil. My humble opinion.

  18. Shaun and Holly says:

    1. I have not seen the movie but I did read book one. I have a 14 year old son. He was thinking of reading it and I wanted to read it 1st.2. Yes, I did actually enjoy it. It reminded me of a romeo and juliet kind of story but with a Fantasty theme. 3. After I read the book, I told my son that although he was indeed allowed to read it, I didn't think that he would like it. He doesn't like "romantic" type movies so I didn't feel he would enjoy the book. He listened to my input and decieded that he probably would not like it and didn't end up reading it. My daughter who is 12 and a half would like to read it. I have told her that she will be able to read it when she is a little bit older…4. Sure. It's Fiction. I love fantasty, love CS Lewis, and Tolken…I see this as along the same lines…5. Hmmmm…will think about this more and discuss that with my daughter before she reads it.6. Felt it was a great read. Romantic and hard to put down. I can see why it captures the hearts of the young lady readers.

  19. I have seen the movie and read all 4 books. I did enjoy them (with the exception of the final book which was poorly written.) I feel comfortable saying I enjoyed the book in any crowd. I realize there will be things that we can choose or refuse and those choices will be unique to each person when it comes to fiction and fantasy. We must prayerfully consider what we allow into our minds and lives. I felt freedom to watch the move and read the books as I learned that this particular series lacked gore and sex outside marriage. Again, each believer answers to the nudging of the Spirit and we are wise to heed that voice.

  20. Becca Dowling says:

    1. Have you seen the movie "Twilight" or read any of the books? If yes, did you enjoy it?I have read all 4 books and I enjoyed them a lot. I also saw the movie and plan to see the other movies in the series: New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (if they film it). 2. AND…if you did enjoy it, have you felt a need to keep your love for the series a secret from your Christian friends?No, I haven’t kept it a secret. I’ve been willing to talk to other Christians who have questions about the series and it's appropriateness for youth. 3. Have your children seen the movie or read the books? If no, was it because you didn't allow them to see it?LOL, both my children are grown (27 & 19), and they told me about the books, before the movie came out. BTW, they are both strong Christian women.4. Do you feel they are acceptable for Christians to see and read? Explain.I personally believe that it’s important to know what the people around me are involved in, believe and value. How can I effectively relate to them without some common ground? This is especially important because I am involved with young people through youth group and Sunday school. I read the Harry Potter series and the Golden Compass series too. I feel the same way with the music my students (and my girls when they were teens) listen to: I want to keep dialog open. Do they know what the songs are saying about life and values and the way the world works? How are they being influenced by what they consume musically? So too with the books they read. We all have a choice in what we allow into our life. We have choice, free will.5. Do you feel they have "teachable" moments or qualities in them? If yes, explain. A. The love story between Bella and Edward is so deep and strong and reminds me of another eternal Love. 1. For me, Bella was the ultimate heroine, so flawed and in ways that I identified with: plain, shy and klutzy, putting others before herself and expecting bad luck. a. We are all flawed, imperfect, and we often idealize those we perceive to be what we are not. We compare our weaknesses to others’ strengths.b. As Christians, we recognize that we are sinful and often can’t believe that a Holy God would actually love us.2. Edward started out representing all that Bella envied: gorgeous, confident, strong and “perfect”. a. Yet, Edward was also an outsider, cursed as a vampire to be a danger to the very humans he wishes to live among. Even amidst his vampire “family” he is the outsider, the only unpaired with an eternal mate. b. Edward’s very nature as a vampire imperils Bella. So God’s nature is in conflict with our sinful nature: the wages of sin is death. God sent His son Jesus to reconcile this conflict, to erase our sin with His righteousness so that we could love each other.B. Power is corrupt and dangerous without mercy to temper it. 1. Most of Meyer’s vampires, the wanderers and the Volturi, do not value human life: they are prey, cattle, food. The Cullens view humans compassionately and they work very hard to not be a danger to humans. 2. Where Dr. Cullen extends mercy to an illegally-created vampire who surrenders, the Volturi’s laws have no room for compassion and they destroy the victim.6. Any other thoughts about the Twilight series…. Actually, I would recommend Sue Dent's books for another intriguing treatment of vampires and werewolves: Never Ceese and Forever Richard.

  21. I have seen the movie 'Twilight' and read the books.Last fall when the movie first came out, I was concerned about my 13 year old daughter seeing it. My 18 year old son, who works at the movie theatre, talked to me and alleviated my concerns. He explained that the focus wasn't on the darker side of vampires.I then permitted her to read the book. My husband & I lead our Youth group. Many of the Youth girls were talking about the books. Some of our Youth leaders were also reading the books – even married leaders were reading the books. And loving them. Our married Junior High leader wanted to read the book to see what it was all the younger girls were getting into.This is something that I myself would normally do, but this was a very busy season for me.My married Youth leaders and one of the Youth moms told me that they felt the books were fine.This summer, I had some time and wanted to read a fiction book. I just wanted some light entertainment. I picked up my daughter's Twilight book and read it in a weekend.I definitely enjoyed it.

  22. 1. Have you seen the movie "Twilight" or read any of the books? If yes, did you enjoy it? I haven't read the books or watched the movie2. AND…if you did enjoy it, have you felt a need to keep your love for the series a secret from your Christian friends?NA3. Have your children seen the movie or read the books? If no was it because you didn't allow them to see it?No they haven't and won't be allowed to watch them if they decide they want to. They honestly have no interest in them and openly express that feeling.4. Do you feel they are acceptable for Christians to see and read? Explain.NO….In a nut shell-It minimizes the impact of exposure to evil in the spiritual realm. It causes people to look at the works of the enemy in a way that glorifies him and to make small compromises that get larger and larger (little foxes) and lead us gradually farther and farther from God. Which direction do we want to go? Vampires are a work of the enemy right?5. Do you feel they have "teachable" moments or qualities in them? If yes, explain. I would think the evil aspect outways the teachable moments.6. Any other thoughts about the Twilight series…. We are called to be set apart. Consecrated for the LORD and to do everything as if we are doing it unto Him. To live our lives in a way that honors God and I don't feel that watching or reading things like that honors God (and I don't want that to be something that I do unto the LORD) but it glorifies something we are to have authority over. The enemy doesn't come out and show evil for what it is. Who would be attracted to that? He glorifies it, changes it to make it more socially acceptable, yet, evil is evil no matter the package. As we get closer to end times, It seems that evil is more and more socially acceptable in our society than it was even 50 years ago. Not just with movies and books but more subtle things as well.I hope I didn't offend anyone with this comment. That wasn't my intention. I do feel little foxes spoil the vine and that we shouldn't sacrifice the truth on the alter of relevance. We aren't supposed to fit in to the world but be a peculiar people set apart.

  23. Kingdom Mama says:

    I am super glad you asked this. I have wanted to post about it on my blog but have been too afraid of coming off as condescending. So, I'll comment about it here instead.I have been down on the Twilight series ever since I heard a group of young girls talking about it. But I had to admit that wasn't much of a reason, so I decided to watch the first movie (I will watch some movies even if I am opposed to the book because, to me, the written word is much more powerful than a movie).As I watched the movie, I was just amazed (and I hear that had I read the book, the chemistry in the movie wouldn't have impressed me). I found myself longing for them to be together.When it was over I said to my husband, "Wow! I was right but I didn't even have any idea!" It seems to me that the widespread media is doing everything it can to convince us that "the heart wants what the heart wants"…That there is no use fighting our fleshly desires. And for this message to be so boldly proclaimed in a movie aimed at teenage girls, yea, that scares me a little.Romance authors and playwrights have been preaching this message for years. But I feel like it's been stepped up by this series. Of course, this is all just my humble opinion.

  24. Denise @ Sunflowers, says:

    1. Yes, I have read all four books and seen the movie. I usually read Christian books and Amish books but was curious about these because they were geared toward a younger crowd. I did enjoy them very much, and plan to re-read all of them again soon.2. No, I didnt feel the need to hide that I read them. Most of my friends, Christian or not, have also read them.3. My oldest son saw the movie, but only because he went with a friend. My younger ones are too young to read.4. As far as values, I think the book series has some great values. Compared to most media (books, tv, television) these books are great. No pre-marital sex, etc.5. I believe that young women can learn from them that boys should treat them with respect and honor.6. The book was WAY better than the movie.

  25. I have not read the books, but my sixteen year old daughter loved them. We saw the movie together; we thought it was quite good.I don't see any reason why they would be considered anti-Christian, as they are totally fictional, and have nothing to do with religion. I know some people have said they are horror stories, but I see them more as a love story between Edward and Bella.My own daughter's high school English teacher, a man, not only is excited that they have gotten more youths reading, but he enjoyed the books himself.I would probably recommend them more for younger teenagers and up as opposed to grade schoolers, mostly because I think it's more of a young adult story.

  26. 1. Have you seen the movie "Twilight" or read any of the books? If yes, did you enjoy it? Yes, I liked the movie.2. AND…if you did enjoy it, have you felt a need to keep your love for the series a secret from your Christian friends? No, I believe that I am of an age to be able to use wisdom and discernment and that enjoying this series isn't something to be secretive about.3. Have your children seen the movie or read the books? If no was it because you didn't allow them to see it? my children are adults and I hope that they will make their own choices.4. Do you feel they are acceptable for Christians to see and read? Explain.I found no objectionable language or nudity and the content was such that I view it as fiction and could put it into proper prospective: entertainment. I am not going to go out and become a vampire, nor do I advise anyone else to. This is pure fiction. Like Star Wars or any other work of fiction.5. Do you feel they have "teachable" moments or qualities in them? If yes, explain. We can glean from any book, movie, etc. Good and evil exist. We can find Gods principles in everything we come into contact with.6. Any other thoughts about the Twilight series…. Christians need to fight the battles that are important. I agree that this material is not for children, but as adults, we can and should decide if something is wrong based on our discernment according to the word. Vampires are fictional. I don't think I am harming myself by watching a work of fiction. Again this is for an adult perspective, not children. I did not like Harry Potter for this reason. Children are more vulnerable and should be protected. Nothing in the Twilight movie caused me to view it as an evil movie. I was not offended at all by the content and I enjoyed it as entertainment.

  27. 1. Have you seen the movie "Twilight" or read any of the books? If yes, did you enjoy it? Yes- watched the movie and read all the books. I think it's a wonderful lovestory, and some of the characters happen to be vampires.2. AND…if you did enjoy it, have you felt a need to keep your love for the series a secret from your Christian friends? Not at all. I read all four books in five days. I know that it's a fiction series, and it doesn't mean I believe vampires are real at all.3. Have your children seen the movie or read the books? If no was it because you didn't allow them to see it? My 6th grader just finished the first book, and watched the movie.4. Do you feel they are acceptable for Christians to see and read? Absolutely. I had to pray a lot about it while I was reading the books. Satan tried to give me nightmares, but I wouldn't have it. Because I enjoyed those books doesn't mean that my beliefs/values have changed at all.5. Do you feel they have "teachable" moments or qualities in them? If yes, explain.Not necessarily. I just enjoyed the books as a good read and amazing storyline. They haven't changed who I am, what I believe, or anything like that. And…the movie is very well written according to the books, so that's fun too.

  28. 1. Have you seen the movie "Twilight" or read any of the books? If yes, did you enjoy it? YES MOVIE2. AND…if you did enjoy it, have you felt a need to keep your love for the series a secret from your Christian friends?ENJOYED IT…..NOPE NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT.3. Have your children seen the movie or read the books? If no was it because you didn't allow them to see it?MY KIDS SAID I WOULD LIKE MOVIE SO WATCHED IT AND IT IS A LOVE STORY. 4. Do you feel they are acceptable for Christians to see and read? Explain.SADLY I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT IT AS BEING ACCEPTABLE……I LOOKED AT THEM AS ENTERTAINMENT SOMETHING I COULD TAKE OR LEAVE. ………WOW MAKES ME REALIZE NOW THAT MAY BE A WAY THE evil one USES MEDIA TO SO BLIND US….5. Do you feel they have "teachable" moments or qualities in them? If yes, explain. NO TEACHABLE MOMENTS OR QUALITIES JUST ENTERTAINMENT NO BRAINERS ……..6. Any other thoughts about the Twilight series…. DOES NOT MAKE ME WANT TO READ THE BOOKS EVEN THOUGH SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE SAID THEY ARE GOOD AND I SHOULD..DOES NOT MAKE ME WANT TO WATCH THE TV SERIES ON TV EITHER.

  29. Haven't seen the movie or read any of the books, so I know if I'm qualified to answer specific questions. My general feeling is this… if it doesn't fit the test of Philippians 4:8 ("Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things"), then I don't need to be filling my head with it. If I'm craving fiction, I think I'd turn to Francine Rivers (or even Frank Peretti, if I were a fan of this particular genre, which I'm not) before sinking my teeth into Twilight".

  30. *DON'T know if I'm qualified"… LOL

  31. My mom always said, "When in doubt… toss it out". In my opinion this series is too iffy and there are many doubts surrounding it. Therefore, we chose to "toss it out". There are many other romantic thriller scifi books out there to keep our reading appetites fulfilled.-CHristina

  32. 1. Have you seen the movie "Twilight" or read any of the books? If yes, did you enjoy it?I have not read the books or seen the movie.3. Have your children seen the movie or read the books? If no was it because you didn't allow them to see it?From the few reviews I have read, I did not want my 11 year old to read them. She has heard about them because of all the publicity, but from the reviews, I gathered; a) too mature and sensualb) didn't care for the promotion of vampires.4. Do you feel they are acceptable for Christians to see and read? Explain.Tough question. I think it may be an individual answer because I have a very close friend who is a Christian and she has read the books and so has her 14 year old daughter.5. Do you feel they have "teachable" moments or qualities in them? If yes, explain.Her response is exactly that, that there are teachable moments: ie. not putting your trust and love into a person, but allowing God to fill that role.6. Any other thoughts about the Twilight series….I'm not closed minded, but again, I have read non-Christian and Christian mommy blogs where they say things like "I want to marry Edward!" and I find this crazy, that they would post this with such sincerity!

  33. I am amazed that any christian would seek out these books/movies to read. As a christian, we should not be attracted to books about vampires/or wizards/or sorcerers. When making a decision on something, I always ask myself, "Would this be pleasing to God?" In this case, No, I do not believe it would, and there are so many other things I can be doing that would please Him. In fact there are thousands of other books out there we could spend our time reading (including the Bible), that would increase our faith, and help to build our relationship with God, and this series is not one of them. It saddens me that christians have become so lukewarm, and desensitized to these things and more willing to follow what the culture feels is the "current hot topic" just for entertainment purposes, instead of focusing on what the Lord would want. Thanks for bringing this up!!

  34. Thank-you so much Becca for enjoying my vampire and werewolf series that has appealed so widely to Christian readers and even those who favor CBA Christian work. Now to the questions at hand. I've not read Twilight because I was writing my series before and after it came out. The books did find their way into my house via my extreme Harry Potter fan/daughter. She was smitten and has read all the books and saw the movie. So happy to see vampire lore offered with a bit of a lighter touch proving that the horror genre can and does appeal to many age groups.On the Christian note, I find it interesting that no Christian has much to say about Ms. Meyer being a devout Mormon. It certainly doesn't bother me but I do wonder at times how much her faith interacts with her writing (at least as an author myself.) I also found it interesting that Mormon bookstores pulled Ms. Meyer's Twilight series from their stores because they didn't think Bella was the best role-model.Hmmmm . . .

  35. I have seen the movie. Watched it because a friend raved the movie to me and she and I, I have found, have a lot of the same tastes. LOVED the movie. My husband thought it was the worst waste of a movie night ever. 🙂 I thought it was a great story, a story of good and evil and restraint and love. It's a good love story! My brother found out I seen the movie and nearly fell over, not only had I watched it, I liked it. He was sure I had lost my senses. I now have someone suppling me with the books that I can't wait to read but haven't started because I am too busy right now. This winter I will read them. However, I don't tell a soul I have seen the movie or can't wait to go with my friend to a theature to see the next movie because I am sure someone will question what kind of a Christian girl am I? I do not want to cause someone to stumble, but I seen nothing wrong with the movie. I wouldn't have watched it had it not been highly recommended by someone I trusted. It didn't fill me with a desire to have a vampire fall in love with me or dwell on evilness, I just liked the story. It's a great love story to me, plain and simple.

  36. I have no real desire to read the books or see the movie, I think its because I dont think God would approve of it.

  37. 1. I've read and own all four books but I only love the first three (I didn't like the fourth book just because I thought some things were too forced and wished Stephenie Meyer the author had gone deeper into other things).2. Definitely not. I don't see why Christians think that vampires are really all that bad; especially Twilight vampires. These vampires books really aren't gory compared to other series you might find.3. I don't have any kids but if I did I wouldn't care if any of them saw the movie. The books I don't suggest reading until you're probably at least 14 or 15 just because they do talk about some more adult, serious things that younger children may not understand yet (such as sex).4. I don't think the books or the movie are anything that Christians should be against. I don't see anything wrong with vampires since they are fictional creatures and we should be able to remind ourselves of that.5. I do like the repeated theme of making sacrifices for the people that you love. (Also, in the third book the two main characters Edward and Bella discuss having premarital sex but for the record they do not ever have sex until after they are married. And I did not think that the "sex scenes" in the fourth book were all that bad. They don't go into details, only say the next day that they did in fact have sex.)6. I do love the books but I will admit that while Stephenie Meyer does have good vocabulary, she has a very basic style of writing. The books were written for recreational reading purposes and for enjoying the plotline, not to see what it takes to be a good writer. And personally I do not believe that Edward is the perfect man; I think that he is too controlling over Bella and I personally wouldn't want to be with a man like him. And I don't think that we should judge any book series or movie until we have read them or seen it for how else can we truly come to a valid conclusion on how we feel about something until we have actually experienced it?

  38. LauraLee Shaw says:

    Nahhh, won't be reading or encouraging others to. I just feel a hesitancy in my spirit to do so. Love it that you're asking, tho. 🙂

  39. 1. Have you seen the movie "Twilight" or read any of the books? If yes, did you enjoy it?I confess that I read the entire series. A bunch of middle-age women at work were reading "Twilight" and I thought it would be some fun summer reading. Even though I read all of them, I didn't really enjoy them. Once I start something. I like to finish.2. AND…if you did enjoy it, have you felt a need to keep your love for the series a secret from your Christian friends?It was kind of embarrassing to admit I was reading them. They're not great literature, or even literature. My sister did not approve. She won't let her teenage daughter read them, so I kept it a secret from my niece.3. Have your children seen the movie or read the books? If no was it because you didn't allow them to see it?My son saw the movie because his wife dragged him to see it. My daughter has not read the book or seen the movie. She was an English Lit. major and read a few pages. She said her English professors would have marked it up with a red pen. It didn't hold her interest and she didn't read it.My other son has no interest in vampire-love fiction.4. Do you feel they are acceptable for Christians to see and read? Explain. I do. However, is someone feels it is sin to read them, then they shouldn't read them.5. Do you feel they have "teachable" moments or qualities in them? If yes, explain.I thought it was kind of a sad commentary on how difficult it is to be a teenage girl. The romantic vampire isn't initially attracted to Bella for her personality, common interests, etc. Her blood smells really good to him and he can't read her mind. Most of the dialogue doesn't reflect any common interests between the two of them. Also, Bella was willing to give up her precious, flawed humanity to become a hard, cold, supermodel-like vampire. Sound kind of "gnostic" to me. Her body doesn't really matter.6. Any other thoughts about the Twilight series…. Over-rated, but I can see why it is striking a nerve with young women.

  40. 1. Have you seen the movie "Twilight" or read any of the books? If yes, did you enjoy it? I've read the series and seen the movie many times and greatly enjoy the series. I'm a Christian mom whose children are too young to read the series and haven't seen the movie. They do recognize the word "twilight", however. 2. AND…if you did enjoy it, have you felt a need to keep your love for the series a secret from your Christian friends?Not at all. There are several moms at my church whose daughters have read the books, so they read them, too. We've openly talked about it at church.3. Have your children seen the movie or read the books? If no was it because you didn't allow them to see it?They haven't, because the're not old enough yet. Once they were old enough, I wouldn't have a problem with them reading it. It would just be something else we could talk about together.4. Do you feel they are acceptable for Christians to see and read? Explain.Yes. I do not read adult romance books, because they always go too far and feel like I'm reading porn (especially if its a vampire story). I very much appreciate that this series has kept that element reined in. 5. Do you feel they have "teachable" moments or qualities in them? If yes, explain. Its fantasy, so its not a manual for finding the healthiest relationships, but it does have several themes that are very worthwhile. I really appreciate that this is a good story that advocates not having intercourse until marriage. I also appreciate that it doesn't matter who or what you've been labeled as, its what you choose to do with your life that matters. Being a "monster" doesn't make you a monster, its the choices you make, what you do with your life that does or doesn't make you a monster. 6. Any other thoughts about the Twilight series…. The characters are very engaging, and the "twilight" version of reality is very interesting. Stephanie Meyer (who is a mormon, btw) has been very responsible with what she's allowed in the series. This story is very captivating, and is very centered on each of the character's feelings and relationships. Part of the reason the story draws us in, in my opinion, is because of the unchanging nature that vampires have in this story. When they feel something strongly, it causes a permanent change. With Edward, this means that he will always react to Bella in that first stage of love, even as their relationship grows. Its not realistic, and that's acknowledged in the series. Its just nice to be able to visit those feelings in a safe environment.

  41. I've been reading the GREATEST love story ever!! I can't get enough of it! It is full of mystery, wars, lust, adultery, betrayal, miracles, death, and more! Have you read it?! . . . If not – you should!! 🙂 It's written by the One who experienced it all Himself!! It's not even fiction (but can read like it!)!!I have not read the Twilight books or seen the movies. I can feel the tug -the seduction – to see what "all the fuss" is about. I have felt that same tug many times in my life . . . and unfortunately -have given into those tugs one too many times . . . in many areas of life.Is Twilight evil? Is it wrong? Should we as Christians be reading/watching it? Is it ok to read fictional stories about vampires or witches?. . . . For that matter – Should we be watching The Bachelor? Grey's Anatomy? Soap Operas, murder mystery shows?I agree – I would probably love the books and the movie. I also loved Dirty Dancing when it came out. I was wooed by Pretty Woman. I thoroughly enjoyed The Holiday. I am a sucker for romance movies and stories. We all are. But here's why . . . God is the author of romance! This whole thing – this earth – our lives – Jesus coming to earth the first time and dying for us – and His final return to earth (hopefully soon) . . . .it's all about romance! It's all about relationship. It's all about LOVE! He put within each of us the need, the desire for romance – for love – for the most intense and personal love and romance we can imagine! God didn't just create us FOR love . . . He created us BECAUSE of LOVE. He sent His Son to die for us – to pay for our punishment, our judgment against us – because of LOVE. He has been wooing and calling His church . . . His BRIDE . . . out of LOVE! But His bride has been seduced by another lover. His bride has thought it was ok to be "engaged" but still "just look" at other romances – other things that make us feel good – that look good – that seem good – that the world says are good. Are they good? Are they bad?Shortly after getting engaged, I was walking with some girlfriends and we passed by some really cute guys. I made a comment about how cute one of them was. My friends were in shock – "Lori! You are engaged!! You can't be looking at other men like that!" 🙂 Well . . . he WAS cute. But that's where it ended. I didn't continue looking. I didn't continue thinking about it. I had made a decision to marry my boyfriend – and it was a done deal in my mind. Are there still cute guys that pass my way? Yes. Are there romantic movies/tv shows that I have watched over the years and enjoyed? Yes. Is it healthy for me to watch them? . . . . hmmm . . . Over the past couple years I have been more intentionally pursuing the one love relationship that has had the power to transform my life like no other. . . . .my relationship with Jesus, my heavenly Daddy, and the wonderful Holy Spirit. It has been INTENTIONAL! It has been with PASSION! I've made a decision. I have started to notice though, recently, that as I have tried to watch various romantic movies/shows . . . I can feel the Love of my life being sad. It's not that He thinks I won't love Him. It's that He knows that the world's version of Love is only a counterfeit for His TRUE love – His PERFECT love.Yes – the world's love makes us feel good . . . .temporarily. But we keep seeking after the next venue to experience it again.God's love is different. Yes – His love makes us feel good – and yes – it makes us want to keep seeking after the next experience of it . . . but here's the difference. . . .One path leads to death . . . the other leads to life! And life ABUNDANTLY!- continued on next post –

  42. – continued from previous post -Satan is crafty. He's not dumb. As one of the head angels in heaven – he couldn't have been dumb. He has spent decades, centuries, crafting the perfect traps – subtly seducing not just the non-Christians . . . but the Christians as well. "It seems harmless". "What can it hurt?" "It looks/looked good." "It made me feel good." "I enjoyed it alot". "Did God really say/mean you/I can't . . . ?"However – He really has been using the same trick since the garden of Eden. . . . . . "Did God really say you must not eat from any tree in the garden?" Satan knew he had Eve when she replied – "We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, but God did say "You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and YOU MUST NOT TOUCH IT, or you will die."In actuality . . . God never said anything about not touching it. Satan had won. He had manipulated Eve's thoughts so cleverly – to make her think it was her own – her own decision and idea. I bet Eve thought the same things about that fruit that we have thought about many other things – otherwise I don't think she would have offered it to her husband. But when the Love of their lives came by . . . their thoughts definitely changed about the fruit! In the light of His perfect love – they knew they had been tricked – they knew they had sinned. They were ashamed.Being close to a bright light will always cause any dirt to show up more easily. When we are further away from the light (or sitting in darkness) we don't notice any dirt on our clothes/body as much.There is that part of me that wants to read the books. I did read the first Harry Potter book (a friend is a huge fan). I read a book about why Christians should read H.P. and how they can use it to witness to others. I do believe in being "in the world but not of the world". Christ spent his time in the homes of tax-collectors, prostitutes, etc. Would Jesus watch H.P. or Twilight? I don't know. But I do know this . . . He would still love all the people who do! He still does!So – I am not in a position to judge. I am only in a position to do what is right for my relationship with my future Groom – with my heavenly Daddy – with my Comforter and Friend.We become what we think about. We are what we "soak" in. I am constantly asking my kids "what are you soaking in? Is this something you want to soak your minds in?" Because, just like a sponge – when the pressure is on us . . . whatever we have been soaking in is what will come out of us! I want pure clean water to come out of me! It's rarely totally clean . . . but I'm working in it. Little by little. . . . . decision by decision . . . big or small. I'm getting there. And above all – I just love seeing and feeling the smile on my Savior's face when He sees that I only have eyes for Him . . . by choice! :)God bless you all and thank you so much for sharing your opinions and insight! I truly appreciate it. I hope this didn't come across judgmental or harsh. I truly just have a passionate love for my Daddy – for Jesus – and I want everyone else to experience the same thing!! It's life-changing and gives FREEDOM!! Jesus doesn't want us to be bound by rules . . . He wants us to live in FREEDOM! Free to love – to live – to enjoy life abundantly!Blessings to you all!Lori West 🙂 http://www.drinkfromthedeep.blogspot.com

  43. I actually posted something on my blog about a year ago. It's my experience with the Twilight series.Check it out at http://the-potters-clay.blogspot.com/2008/10/just-little-something-i-said.html

  44. 1. Have you seen the movie "Twilight" or read any of the books? If yes, did you enjoy it? Yes, I read the first book only and saw the first movie. I thought the 1st book, interesting and unusual. Younger friends and a daughter in law had encouraged me to read it. Simply entertaining fiction. The movie wasn’t for me as I had created my own characters in my mind. Movie’s version was much more “worldly.” I missed the purity and innocence of first love. I began the 2nd book but stopped…..just NOT my genre. Situations were becoming more unreal, moving me towards places I chose not to go. 2. AND…if you did enjoy it, have you felt a need to keep your love for the series a secret from your Christian friends? Not really. Interestingly, at our book club group, a friend mentioned having read the series…(encouraged by a teenage granddaughter.) Parts she did not like but overall liked the series. She was among friends… We did not throw tomatoes or gasp in horror. HA! 3. Have your children seen the movie or read the books? If no was it because you didn't allow them to see it?No small children. A granddaughter did see it. She’s not interested. 4. Do you feel they are acceptable for Christians to see and read? Explain. Mixed feelings… What I read was not BAD, rather different. But again, I read only the first book… 5. Do you feel they have "teachable" moments or qualities in them? If yes, explain. It’s more like escape fiction. I personally failed to see deep, teachable truths. Are they there? 6. Any other thoughts about the Twilight series…. C.S. Lewis introduced questionable characters/situations in his day. These books are not at the forefront of battles I must fight. Discernment. Were I a parent I’d read them first before offering criticisms or banning. What about reading together….chapter at a time and discussing their value as it pertains to our faith walk. Perhaps that is the question/answer to ponder with everything… How does this bring me closer to Jesus?

  45. Sue, thank you for asking this question.1. No, I have not seen the movie or read the books, and don't plan to. I try to obey the Lord.. (I'm very aware I'm not perfect); I'm not responsible for anyone else, but I AM responsible for myself before the Lord. I use the Word of God to discern things. If you read Deut. 18, it advises against having anything to do with this type of thing, and interestingly enough, Lev. 7:27 says, Moreover, you shall not eat (suck??) blood in any of your dwellings.. Whoever eats any blood, that person shall be cut off from his people! Satan loves to twist and counterfeit the things of God. God sent His only Son to earth expressly for the purpose of shedding His holy, eternal blood on the cross for us, & that we'd have eternal life if we come to Him, repent, surrender our hearts and lives and become born again thru His Spirit, putting all our faith and trust in Him. Jesus' blood is the most holy, powerful thing in the universe. He said for us to be holy as He is holy (set apart from the world).2. No, my children have not seen the movie or read the books. My 1st daughter said, "Weird, not for me." My 2nd daughter said she would absolutely not see/read them. (in their 20's)3. Do I feel they're acceptable for Christians? No, not really, but everyone will make his/her own decision before the Lord. He is watching.. It says in the Bible to avoid even the appearance of evil.4. Do I feel they have teachable qualities? A good guide for this is Dr. Dobson's web site: http://www.pluggedin.com/videos/2008/Q4/Twilight….. There is a lot of deception nowadays, which Jesus said would be very available, and trying to encroach upon us in the end-times. Read the parable of the 10 virgins, and also Rev. 3:16. He is coming back soon! We need to be ready.. James 4 says not to go along with the things of the world.. satan is the god of this world. The Word of God will stand forever!

  46. Sue, I remembered that you posted this, and as I'm right in the middle of reading the first book and just saw the movie last night, I thought I'd comment.6. Any other thoughts about the Twilight series….I think some of the qualities that Edward possesses, and what women crave, are similar to ones that Jesus possesses as well. So are the masses really hungering for Edward, or is it our internal God-sized hole that is really responsible for that ache and passion? The Matrix has invited quite a bit of theological commentary and comparisons – I think there's something in Twilight that could too.

  47. Mrs. Meyer writes for the general market and her work appeals wonderfully to that market, Christian readers of that market included. Readers of Christian fiction will inherently be hesitant to pick her work up. Should they be? Yes. Her work is very different than anything affiliated Christian publisher's put out.Most readers who favor general market work absolutely love Twilight provided vampire fiction is their genre of preference. 🙂

  48. For those who haven't seen it but are interested, you should check out the review on pluggedin.com. It's helpful and from a Christian perspective.

  49. Addictnomore says:

    It seems like the world is posessed, rather than obsessed by this phenomenon. There is definite demonic attraction. I watched the 1st movie last year after everyone told me to "please see it, it really is that good"… I thought it was hugely overrated. A love story between two people that should never be, a cat and mouse situation between a "evil" guy that is actually good, and a "good girl" begging the guy to have her, even if she loses her soul… with a "offered apple" on the front cover – why are we as Christians asking whether this is OK?????I talk to godly friends after they have watched it, and they defend it – people who are really "black & white" kind of believers. I am horrified. This lead me to think…What is it going to be like when the Antichrist reveals himself? The Bible says he will be magnificent, very clever, well-spoken, doing wonders.The picture on the first book… the "fruit of temptation"… it is as if satan is making sure he will be able to turn around and say: "Don't tell me you did not know this was wrong!" We will have to be wise indeed. Lord have mercy on us.Estelle Fabricius http://www.addictnomore.co.za