March Giveaway and a few words…


This month’s Praise and Coffee giveaway gifts are:

“A Quick Word from Beth Moore”
Scriptures and Quotations from Breaking Free!

And a bag of Starbucks Coffee!

Here are the guidelines again:
1. Post a comment to THIS post.

2. Make sure there is a link to your blog or email so that I can contact you if you win.
If your post is anonymous, you need to leave an email address.

3. One entry per person please!

4. Feel free to advertise on your blog if you like!
(A big hug and thanks to all of you that do!!!)


Now, a few words……

As I sit here looking at the blanket of snow, I am thinking of what lies beneath.
Is the grass dead, are the flowers gone forever?
They are resting, they are waiting for the time when the sun’s warmth will woo them to push through the cold surface and burst forth in all their glory.

I will see them soon. Some, even while the snow still falls, will take the risk to bloom.

How many of us are resting, waiting for that time when we will want change so bad that we will risk the harshness of circumstances to push through the hard, frozen, dead, lifeless surroundings to the light on the other side.

We see it though the darkness, but fear the pain of the journey.

Let me encourage you today…take the chance. Push through. The journey is worth it! There is beauty waiting to be seen…

EDITED TO ADD: Because I am traveling, I will extend this giveaway until I get back. I am expecting to do the drawing on March 18th. AND, I think I will have to add another prize!

Our hope is in Him,

Edited to add:

Comment closed, stop back April 1st for next giveaway!

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  1. I love your words, Sue. Please sign me up. Thank you.

  2. Please enter me in your giveaway! I don't like Starbucks, but I love Beth Moore! (I'll give the coffee to my sister!)

  3. Still trying to win a good read & some yummy coffee, so count me in this month! Have a great weekend!Jennifer 🙂

  4. Count me in, Sue! Thank you for your words and your heart. You always bless me!Blessings,Dori

  5. What a beautiful picture to beautifully remind us of how beautifully we can thrive with the Lord on our sides!

  6. Oh the joy that overflows when we finally push through! Thanks for the reminder.Xandra

  7. Thanks for the uplifting words…and the chance to win 🙂

  8. Just found your blog and I love it! A Beth Moore book and coffee?? sounds lovely – Starla

  9. Great word! Thanks!Here via Dori!

  10. Thank you for the encouraging words and photo!Please count me in for the giveaway!

  11. Jthemilker says:

    Oh how refreshing! Count me in!

  12. Sue, What encouraging words! Thank you so much! Please sign me up for your contest and thank you for your generous heart!

  13. Hi Sue,YOur words are a blessing to me- I just found your blogg- and was reading back a bit- your story is a bit like mine- your baby Lauren is just beautiful- Our son's forever day is Sept 9th (we braught him home when he was 3 and several months, again he lived in his crib. He is a beautiful 8 year old now. We have gone on to adopte a sibling group from Ethiopia. Dylan had prayed for a brother for a long time.- We brought home his little brother and 2 older sisters a year ago- Your words on adoption were so meaningful to me. And count me in on the drawing!!! Pamela

  14. You are such a sweet cup of comfort, bless you.

  15. I just found your blog and have been so encouraged by your words. Please enter me in your giveaway…Beth Moore and Starbucks, definately some of the finer things in life!

  16. WOW! That was so good Sue. It kills me though to see those beautiful flowers in snow! :)But, we must push through. Thanks for reminding me. I need to push through.Blessings~Fran

  17. Amen! The journey is worth it. Would love to have this book, I am on week 8 of the Breaking Free Study. Thank you.

  18. I loved this. Beautiful picture. And… I actually don't have this Beth Moore book… I can't believe it.

  19. That is why I love spring so much. It's a ways off here in north country, but it will come.

  20. Your post was perfect. I've been resting for about a week now … God is so good!Oh and PLEASE sign me up for your giveaway!! Beth Moore and some coffee! Life is good. 🙂

  21. Carolyn Clifton says:

    I love Beth Moore (and Starbucks coffee, too!!). Thanks for a great contest.Carolyn

  22. Oh, what a lovely giveaway! Beth Moore and Starbucks…a great combination!dbstout[at]juno[dot]com

  23. Thank you for your words of wisdom, I do need to rest in the Lord and flourish in the Spring when we PUSH THROUGH.God bless you!!DebbieEnter me in your drawing!

  24. Knitting Mania says:

    Your word today really spoke to my heart. My husband and I are on a journey at the moment, we are out of our comfort zone and trusting God for every step along the way. The unknown is a bit scary, but the Lord has been so faithful to our every need. Trusting God with our lives!I was so encouraged! Thank you.

  25. I'd love to win this month's giveaway. I really enjoy Beth Moore's bible studies and teaching style. Thank you for offering it. Take care and God bless, Cory

  26. Love the photo…Please count me in the contest again.

  27. A Stone Gatherer says:

    When I read this I thought of my dear friend who is pushing through the pain of losing her husband! What an encouraging post! Thanks for the contest too!

  28. Trish D says:

    Thanks so much for sharing – I know I can always come here for some godly perspective and encouragement.(Oh, and of course I wanna win this great stuff 🙂

  29. The Morris Family says:

    Sue- I really enjoy your blog-especially your Tuesday entries. Your entry today also hit close to home, as I have been reflecting on the miracles that await us when we allow God to lead us…open doors.. and we faithfully follow and persevere. My husband and I have been on a faithful journey of our own and are a a few weeks away from meeting our own miracle…our daughter He chose for us…waiting for us in China. (I enjoyed reading about your China adoption- you have a beautiful family!) Blessings to you! Karen

  30. Praise and Coffee says:

    Karen,I'm so excited for you!!!I was going to email you, but I just realized that I don't have any way to get a hold of you, so check in on the 10th to see if you won.

  31. penguinsandladybugs says:

    Please count me in!! I am a newbie to your blog–found it through an "advertisement" on another blog, so I added you to my Reader and put your button in my sidebar. I am enjoying myself as I read your lovely words!!!

  32. I love that picture! A tulip with snow who would have thought that?Have a great day!

  33. Mocha with Linda says:

    Loved the imagery – expecially since we don't get the snow. It was 80 degrees yesterday!But if you don't hate me for being in the warm South 🙂 please sign me up for the drawing!Hugs,Linda

  34. (Push truough, the journey is worth it) I love the way you put that.

  35. CrownLaidDown says:

    Hoping with you! Spring is nearly here!!Very good words, Sue. Bless you, Sister!Love,holly

  36. I'm new to your P&C. Thanks for your words of encouragement every day. Count me in.

  37. Your post today is a perfect explanation for the title of my blog -'crocuses in march'!I'd love the book – and the coffee – they'd help sustain me thru these final, seemingly endless winter days!

  38. Ang baylis says:

    You are such an inspiration! Thank you for always sharing with us! I hope I win because Beth and coffee are some of my favorite things! You are too generous!Love,Angie xoxo

  39. Christina says:

    "Push through. The journey is worth it!" Thanks!!!Please enter moi! I'm linking ya right now!

  40. Patti VZ says:

    Love the picture and also the pushing through thoughts that accompanied it. I had to chuckle at the thought that yesterday as I was lamenting raking all those spring leaves, you were still shoveling snow! I'm trying to keep the focus that I am raking off problems in my life and allowing the SON to shine in and promote

  41. I loved what you said so much about the flowers….Yes, please enter me!Paula

  42. I'm new to your site – thank you for being used the way that you are – what an encouragement.

  43. Bebemiqui says:

    Pushing through is exactly what I need to do right now.bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com

  44. Thanks for doing the giveaway – I could sure use those words of inspiration in that book…and as for the coffee, well, I know some family members who would love that (I'm more of a tea sipper!) ;)Please feel free to visit my blog! 🙂

  45. I have heard such good things about Beth Moore and I would love to read one of her books.

  46. "Just Me - NC B says:

    Sue…the photo of the tulip covered with snow was beautiful…and I loved your thought-provoking words.Please count me in on the March giveaways!Thanks!Beth

  47. Missy Tippens says:

    Great post! We actually have daffodils and redbud trees in full bloom here in Georgia. It's given me a renewed sense of hope.Please enter me in the drawing! You can reach me through one of my blogs if I win.Thanks!Missy

  48. Holy Chaos says:

    i am sorry if this is a duplicate post. my hand hit something while I was writing and my comment disappeared! lol!can you tell how techy i am?anyway, I love that picture!great post

  49. Susan Kelly Skitt says:

    Beauty for sure my friend. Have a great day!

  50. Sue, what a great post. Beth Moore had commented before how sometimes the hardest healing (bursting forth through that snow covered earth) is hardest right where you are…oh how He carries you through though:)-Count me for the drawing! Starbucks and Beth Moore-how fabulous!:)God bless!Bree

  51. Uniquely Yours says:

    I have been wanting to read several of Beth Moore's books. Please sign me up for the giveaway.

  52. windycindy says:

    Beautiful words with a lovely picture of the pink tulip in the snow! It made me smile! Please enter me in your drawing. I appreciate it. Thanks,Cindijchoppes[at]hotmail[dot]com

  53. A day in the life of says:

    I love the picture! Please sign me up, Thanks!

  54. I can't wait for spring. That is such a pretty picture! Count me in…

  55. carolsue says:

    I love Starbucks! Please enter me! (That is a beautiful picture also! Love it!)

  56. Panda-Mom says:

    I do declare…everytime I see your profile pic, I think it's Susan Ashton! ; ) Your site is so beautiful and full of the presence of the Holy Spirit! ; )

  57. Sweetpeas says:

    Sign me up please! 🙂

  58. Edge of Design says:

    Please enter me in your giveaway too. Thanks very much in advance.

  59. I love tulips! I love snow! Great picture :)Cool giveaway – would love to join. Thanks!

  60. I need to do some "pushing through" myself. Thanks for the lovely words, as well as offering such a generous giveaway!

  61. Jill@Who Could Ask f says:

    What a wonderful give-away…I'd love to enter. Thanks!

  62. Please enter my name in the drawing.I love Beth Moore and coffee too. or

  63. Mel's World says:

    Push through dear ones push through…that seems to be a recurring theme for me and my time with God lately.Count me in on the give away friend…Take Care,Melissa

  64. Horse Loving Girl says:

    Great give away! I love to read Beth Moore and finally at 24 weeks pregnant I'm feeling well enough to drink coffee again! Yipee!

  65. Add my name to the list.Thanks for all you do – many times your posts have brought the promise of spring in the midst of a long winter.Blessings from my household to yours.

  66. Irritable Mother says:

    I love Beth, too!Pushing through with you, Sue, thankful that I can place my hope in HIM.

  67. I caught your posts on the CWOB and was moved so mightily.Thank you for using your gifts of words to encourage a sister up in Canada! Count me in for the draw!Cindy

  68. karna7777k says:

    Sounds like a great giveaway! Count me in and thanks!Your words ring true and needed in my journey right now; thank you so

  69. Gretchen says:

    Beautiful post, beautiful picture. Beautiful giveaway. Blessings.

  70. MelissaR says:

    Thanks for your encouraging words! Please count me in for the giveaway. Thanks!

  71. Brandie says:

    I'm in, I would love it!

  72. Happyhome says:

    Beautiful words of encouragement Sue. So often the pushing through is painful, but the rewards are fantastic. Hey, that sounds a lot like childbirth…but that's an analogy for another day!Angela

  73. SharonB says:

    Sue~ I needed those words today. I about to face a battle I thought was already won. And if I'm really honest I'd rather not have to fight…but you are right the journey is so worth and I know I am here in this place because my Lord loves me and desires me to be beautiful, whole and healthy…

  74. Momma Roar says:

    I am doing my first Beth M study right now and I'm loving it – I'd love to win this book!Thank you for your 'push through' word picture – beautiful!!Blessings,Leigh Ann

  75. Mississippi Songbird says:

    What a lovely site you have here. Thank you for hosting this giveaway too. Have a wonderful week..

  76. Love it! Add me please!

  77. I would like to enter too. Thanks!

  78. CrystalGB says:

    Great prize. Please count me in.

  79. I needed to be encouraged to "push through" today. Thanks

  80. I've seen crocuses popping up their little heads everywhere in our neighborhood!! Spring is coming!Bring on the Starbucks, Baby!!

  81. Lady_MSnow says:

    We have had such a rough month that it would nice to finally win some coffee. 😀 You are so sweet to do this every month.

  82. Please enter me in your giveaway! Thanks 🙂

  83. please enter me.taradawnrobertson at hotmail dot com

  84. Great giveaway – and a great blog! Thanks.

  85. BrittLeigh says:

    I sure appreciated the thoughts you shared here. Such an encouragement to me in this time of my life. Thank you so much!!! Go ahead an sign me up for the giveaway too… I'm always good for a cup of coffee and excellent book :).God bless you richly, dear!

  86. This looks like a great prize!

  87. Your blog is lovely, I enjoy it so much. I've been reading a Beth Moore book on the treadmill at the gym lately! She certainly makes exercising more enjoyable 😉

  88. Wow!! I did a Beth Moore bible study earlier this year and was blessed.I enjoy your blog.

  89. Jessica says:

    I'd love to be entered….thanx again.

  90. Beth Moore and Starbucks are both great! The encouragement to push through something was very timely for me today. Thanks! What really touched me though was when you said, "…the sun's warmth will woo them to push through…." The Lord does "woo" us so gently. That love He uses does "woo" all of the time. 24/7. We just need to slow down, quiet down and listen. Yield. Trust. Then we can respond and push through. I so needed to read that.Blessings back to you!

  91. Thanks Sue, I needed to see that flower pushing through!Yes, spring time is around the corner…Count me in on your drawing, I'd love that book.Blessings~

  92. Debbie @ Chocolate a says:

    Please sign me up. I am definitely an addict to Starbucks!Thanks and Blessings!

  93. Jennifer says:

    Yippee another giveaway. I didn't know if the book on Valentine's Day makes me not able to win anymore this year on your monthly giveaways so let me know.Smiles!

  94. aBookworm says:

    I was just thinking that this morning, as I looked out the window and saw a brave little flower poking it's head out from under the snow! Count me in.I've also included this in my contest/giveaway blog – A Bookworm's Diary. Hope that's ok with you. Thanks!~ aBookworm

  95. Marilyn says:

    How uplifting that was. Count me in to please. Thank you!

  96. A Woman Who is: says:

    Sign me up:]I feel I really am in a season of pushing through. It is great though. The rewards are wonderful in Him.

  97. Pennies In My Pocket says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! Beth Moore and Starbucks! Sounds like a fabulous afternoon….reading one of my favorite authors while drinking a grande sugar-free decaf mocha latte. :)~melody~

  98. Mary Lou says:

    Sue, thanks for the opportunity to win the Beth Moore book and the coffee. In reading your post about pushing through that it was so worth the journey,that keeps coming back to me over and over and I see this in so many believers lives around me. He is moving among His people and shaking and moving and urging us to push through…Thanks for reminding me of this. Mary Lou at dlowran1(at)comcast(dot)net.

  99. Thank you for your encouraging words and thank you so much for your giving spirit. I would love to be entered in your drawing. Have a Blessed day 🙂

  100. Anonymous says:

    Please enter me in your giveaway!I love both Beth and starbucks!Thanks for your words of wisdom!Darla.Leatherman@uscm.orgIs there another way to leave email?I don't have a blog.

  101. Theresa N. says:

    I thought the picture of the tulip in the snow was an excellent picture choice for your inspriational words.Theresa N.

  102. Rachel Marie says:

    What a beautiful picture of the hope of spring in a winter that doesn’t seem to want to go away!

  103. Mmmm….starbucks! :)Thanks for your encouraging words!

  104. Hi Sue, put me on too.Never read Beth Moore, just heard of her.You are right, many times we are buried under the snow or sand but what lies beneath is life and growth. Good lesson

  105. Lisa writes... says:

    Somehow I missed entering last month? Count me in this go 'round!

  106. Please include me in your praise and coffee giveaway.njones127 at tampabay dot rr dot com

  107. Kristine says:

    I love books and coffee!

  108. Lori :) says:

    Continue on sister! You have wise words to share! I'm looking forward to reading more about your adoption (as we brought our little girl home from Guatemala in Sept!).Blessings!Lori Westwww.motheringmattersandmore.

  109. Thanks for the words and opportunity to win!

  110. Sue~I scanned through all these quickly, but I really can't remember if I entered before. With being sick and being over 40, I'm having a senior moment here.If I did enter before, just disqualify me.Hope you have a fabulous time in TX. I love TX. That's where we had Libbyline.

  111. Hope you have a wonderful time and a safe trip!Please toss my name into the hat for your giveaway. Thank you.

  112. I love Beth Moore! Please enter me!And I'm praying for your friend Jay and his family. I'll put them on the prayer list at my bible study!

  113. Please enter me in the giveaway. I will post a link shortly to your blog about it.SarahSeekingHim@gmail dot com

  114. How sweet you are to extend this. I don't know what I was up to on the 1st, but I just figured I had missed out.Blessings!Kimberly 🙂

  115. Just Mom says:

    Pick me, please. 😀

  116. Profbaugh says:

    Starbucks and Beth Moore? Can life get any better? Add me into the drawing.~Cheryl

  117. Starbucks is my favorite and I love a good book. What better giveaway is there?!?! 🙂

  118. Anonymous says:

    Stepping out in Faith is hard many times BUT, the journey's end is SO SWEET! Thank you Sue for this wonderful reminder.~Have Lord Rejoicing Day! TaMi(

  119. Love that picture, Yes I am pushing through!! Yes enter me also:) God Bless Deb

  120. Wow! I needed those words today! I will keep pushing until I push through! Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  121. Ivan Girl says:

    thanks for sharing this. :)I definitely love to have this Betty Moore book and I totally love Starbucks. A great the thought of reading a good book while sipping an aromatic cup of coffee! :)please include me in the giveaway, pls.. 🙂

  122. Count me in! I'm a huge Beth Moore fan. Not to mention that I really like some of Starbucks coffee!

  123. Do add my name to your list! I would love to have the Beth Moore book, and I've never had Starbucks!

  124. I sure do love Beth Moore. Please sign me up. I sure hope you have safe travels.

  125. What an awesome "perk up" giveaway, Beth Moore and Coffee Wow!

  126. Don and Lisa Osborn says:

    I love how God inspires you to come up with such lovely topics.Wonderful!!!Lisa

  127. oh please, oh, please, oh, please…I'm doing a weekly drawing too to celebrate spring over at my blog…and I'm having so much fun with it! Your blog was the first I saw that did give aways, so thanks for the inspiration!

  128. Beth is such a gifted women & Starbucks too,WOW!

  129. Anonymous says:

    Beth, I am studying your book of Daniel video class for the second time. There's so much to learn all the time. Thank you for making learning more fun…. God Bless you,Deb Piper

  130. Coffee to wake up my body and inspiring words to wake up my soul.

  131. effranks says:

    great giveaway.

  132. This is my first visit to your site. Please enter me in your lovely contest.

  133. I bought stock in Starbucks and that's pretty inspiring, but I'd love to read the book.

  134. Anonymous says:
  135. Kimberly LaBombard says:

    I just found your blog via Mocha w/ Linda. I met her at the UBP – what a blast! I am excited to see that I can still make this month's drawing. I love Beth Moore & I LOVE Starbucks!!Thanks & blessings,Kim

  136. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, please enter me in contest, I would like to win!

  137. misternat1 says:

    plug me in for some coffeenat

  138. Count me in for coffee!

  139. PowerSweepstaking says:

    nothing finer then Starbucks coffee!

  140. I'd love to win this…thanks!

  141. jennifer57 says:

    would love to win 🙂

  142. Patricia says:

    coffee and a good read-what could be better

  143. Anonymous says:

    A good cup of coffee and a god book- a perfect way to sepnd the evening, Thank you for the contestWandasubmit.entry at yahoo dot ca

  144. flbreezes says:

    I love Beth Moore! Would love to win!

  145. Please Enter me in this great contest and Thank You…

  146. Love the picture and the words of encouragement! Please include me in your giveaway and thanks again. God bless you.