Mezzo Coffee House


Just when we have life figured out, it takes a turn and before we know it, we’re on a whole new path! On June 19, 2015 I opened Mezzo Coffee House in Otsego, MI with the help and support of my amazing husband and some very good friends! Yes, it all happened fast but it’s been coming for at least two decades and when God opened the door, I walked through with my heart exploding and knees knocking!

100 W. Allegan St.  Otsego, MI  49078

100 W. Allegan St.
Otsego, MI 49078

Interior pan full

Why the name Mezzo?

Mezzo means: the center or middle.
Otsego (the town we are in) means: the gathering place.

Gathering in the heart of Otsego…and Southwest Michigan!
mezzo otsego gathering at the heart sw mi


At Mezzo we serve organic, shade-grown, fair trade coffee from Higher Grounds Trading Co who not only makes great coffee but also cares deeply about the coffee growers and partners with them to make sure that they make a fair living wage.

higher grounds

We also plan to offer yummy treats and bagels made with the highest quality ingredients from our own kitchen and local (from Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo) bakeries. Premium baked goods, with farm to table or organic and gluten/allergen free options also.

Also, it has a meeting room/gathering space that can be reserved for small groups, bankers, meetings, Bible studies, realtors, attorneys, and whoever needs a private space for up to 10-12ish people.

back room

Mezzo Coffee House is a place for coffee, connection and community.
Love to you and yours,