My Girlfriendology Interview


I did an interview with Debba from Girlfriendology a couple weeks ago. She is so sweet and we had a great conversation. Feel free to listen in, and by the way, Sam (the dog) makes a couple cameos in the interview. The little stinker was sitting next to me and every time I stopped petting her, she would yelp!

While you’re there, sign up for their newsletter, they always have so much going on and you will love all the connections at Girlfriendology!!

Here is the interview: Sue Cramer at Girlfriendology
FYI- On the left, click on either RSS feed or Podcast feed to listen.

(By the way, our conference is now full with over 200 ladies coming!)

Also, I am over at the Internet Cafe’ today.

You can read that here:

Note: Two shall become One ~ Tuesday will return next week!
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  1. Edge of Design says:

    Oh that comment in blue is hilarious and so true. "I'm so glad God is not like me."

  2. Praise and Coffee says:

    I can't tell you how glad I am that He is not hormone induced like me! LOL.If you click on the blue words you can read the article about it.

  3. Rona's Home Pag says:

    I noticed that you have a link to the "My Husband Rocks T-shirts". I have one and receive many great compliments from women. I now need to purchase a short sleeve shirt for those hot Vegas temps.