November Praise and Coffee Giveaway!


November already! Can you believe it???

I have some wonderful treats for you this month!

First your praise:

Your Name is a collection of powerful worship duets from some of today’s top singers and songwriters, including Phil Wickham, Lincoln Brewster, Paul Baloche, Leeland Mooring, Aaron Shust, and members of Rush of Fools, Audio Adrenaline, and Building 429.

And your coffee:

Cinnamon Gingerbread! Perfect for November!

And don’t forget, Bayview Cards wants to bless you too! You will also receive a beautiful box of their homemade cards!!

To enter the drawing, leave a comment on this post. Make sure there is some way for me to contact you if you win (link to a blog or email). No anonymous enteries- it always surprises me when I get those! The drawing will be on the 10th of November.

If you have my GIVEAWAY button on your blog, let me know (please don’t assume that I will remember- somedays I can’t remember my own kid’s names!) and you will be entered TWICE!!!!

One more thing, a bit of encouragement from the Message Bible:

Romans 12:11-13

Don’t burn out; keep yourselves fueled and aflame. Be alert servants of the Master, cheerfully expectant. Don’t quit in hard times; pray all the harder. Help needy Christians; be inventive in hospitality.

Much love!

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  1. Ok Sue, am I eligible? Because I think that cd sounds awesome! Count me in!

  2. Xandra@Heart-of-Serv says:

    As always, you are very generous! What a great giveaway this month. (I have your button on my blog)Xandra

  3. Oh, you're right. I can't believe it's November either. And this weekend the clocks turn back.Thank you for doing this. And I do have your button on my blog.

  4. Redeemed By His Love says:

    Sue, Wow! Please enter my name!You are so kind.Praying for this election,Miriam 🙂

  5. What a nice giveaway. I also put the button on my blog. Your blog is a great encouragement to women. Thanks again.Blessings

  6. I keep trying every time with no luck…but maybe this is the month. 😀 Oh…and I have the button on my blog. 🙂

  7. I agree, the CD sounds awesome. I tried to put your button on my blog, but haven't figure out how yet. I'm still new in the blogging world. Love your encouraging posts.

  8. Praise and Coffee says:

    Mary, and anyone else interested…First highlight and copy the code in my sidebar box that you want to add to your blog.Then go to your dashboard and click on "layout"Then click on "add a gadget" and it will open a new window.Scroll down to HTML/java script and click on it.Paste the code you already copied into the "content" and click "save.:Then you can move it up and down to the place you want it in your sidebar by clicking and holding down then dragging it up or down. Hope that helps!Sue

  9. What a blessing someone will receive this Nov. Thanks for the opportunity. Happy November to you!

  10. Hi Sue! I have missed signing up for these…I think the cookbook took a good bit of my memory power. So yay for signing up! Of course, I will add your button to my blog.Praying for you today,Holly

  11. Toss my name into the hat or computer and yes, I do have a link on my blog to yours. How else could I follow your awesome words?

  12. Lalycairn says:

    November already. Wow. Seems like it was just the beginning of September. The praise cd sounds awesome and how did you know cinnamon and gingerbread are two of my favorite flavors for coffee?(Starbucks will mix their cinnamon dolce and gingerbread syrups for a fabulous lattte treat during the fall season.) :)Lalycairn (at)

  13. Wow what a treat! I love the message bible too!

  14. Ooo…pick me, pick me (pleeease!!)!!And I've added your button to my sidebar!

  15. Praise and Coffee says:

    Of course Kim! I was even going to write that I was hoping my local friends would enter too!

  16. Praise and Coffee says:

    Yes it is Michelle! Nothing like walking in an hour late huh?!

  17. beckyjomama says:

    Sign me UP – and twice, cause I got your button:) Oh, yes I do!!!

  18. Living Life in the F says:

    Ok, I've never entered beforeso count me in. I do have your botton on my blog. God Bless,Jamie

  19. Thanks for the instructions Sue to add a gadget. I just didn’t know which gadget to choose. Got it done!

  20. Please enter me for this give away! I will also add the button to my blog.Have a wonderful weekend!

  21. Hello! Thank you for the wonderful encouragement that your blog provides.
    I would love to enter this giveaway!
    I will add your giveaway button to my blog as well.
    Thank you.

  22. Please sign me up, friend. Those are great gifts, thanks.

  23. sue, this looks like a GREAT giveaway! Count me in…also, i am going to try AGAIN to enter your button on my sidebar! 🙂

  24. Yeah! I finally got your button on my page! I really think it was just user error! heehee!!

  25. Tim and Vicky Terpening says:

    Count me in. I love music.

  26. Great giveaway!

  27. Enter my name please… Blessings

  28. Mom to five says:

    Oh, that sounds yummy! Count me in!!

  29. I’d love to be added to the giveaway, Sue.

  30. SunnySusan says:

    Wow Sue

    Now could I possibly win back to back giveaways…..

    You are the best…hugs 😎

  31. SunnySusan says:

    Oops…yes, I do have your button on my blog too…

  32. I would love to be in the drawing!

    And did I just read that this was the week-end that the clocks go back? If it is…I had no idea….so glad I read through your comments. My Sunday School class that I teach will also be happy I read your comments. lol!

  33. Susan Kelly Skitt says:

    I suppose you can enter me twice if you'd like since I have your lovely button on my blog 🙂 What fun!

  34. Edge of Design says:

    Actually, I am going to pass on the give away. I did want to stop by and catch up on your blog. I'm glad you had a chance to visit with your son. I'm not ready to even begin to think about having to visit with my dd being away at college. However, I do have time to think about putting up some Christmas decorations. 🙂

  35. Sounds like a great draw… count me in! The coffee sounds yummy.Thanks for the scripture, it was perfect for me today.

  36. penguinsandladybugs says:

    The coffee sounds absolutely nummy!! Please enter me, and twice (I got your button on my blog). I found your blog from a button many months ago…wish I could remember who 🙂

  37. Count me in. Thank you!

  38. VERY cool! I am also adding your button! 🙂

  39. Hey Sue,I have your button on my site. Hopefully I'll win. I also love your button I vote Life, added to my site as well.Keep up the good work.AmyinSC

  40. Sandra DeHoogh says:

    Learning by trial and error.

  41. Thank you, Sue! I really appreciate your site–it was fun to see you at the internet cafe.

  42. Please enter me in the contest.This is the time for new flavors of coffee.Yes, I will consider how to be inventive in hospitality!Thanks..

  43. * Shari * says:

    I come to your blog and find so much inspiration. Keep up the great work!

  44. Irritable Mother says:

    Oh, please enter me!"Be inventive in hospitality." What a great thought!

  45. I'm back, entering again.Your giveaway button is on my blog.

  46. Happyhome says:

    Love your giveaways Sue – two of my favorite things. Thanks for the entry and YES, I do have your button on my blog. See you on FB!

  47. says:

    Just found Praise & Coffee – Luv it! Count me in on the give away! PTL!Jackie

  48. Wonderful Nov. contest,all thoese neat goodies and a lovely coffee. I have been meaning to try. Count me in

  49. I would love love love to win!!! Thank you so much for the chance!!! :)thecountryblossom AT hotmail DOT com

  50. A great giveaway as always!! Thank you Sue :)I have your button on my blog.

  51. As I request every month . . . please count me in for some praise & coffee. Thanks, as always, for the chance!

  52. KimAmburn says:

    Is it too late to comment? I just found your blog through The Planting of the Lord blog and I'm loving reading through your old posts. The CD sounds great!

  53. You do know how to tempt us with all of these wonderful treats for the senses. It's very much fall here in Iowa and the thought of a good cup of coffee, wonderful music in the back ground, the beautiful colors of fall out the window and the Lord prompting you to write a note to a dear friend on such wonderful cards. Who could resist a giveaway like that???

  54. Hi! Thanks for this great monthly give away. The cd sounds wonderful. (and I have your button on my blog.)

  55. Bless your dear heart for having a give away.

  56. Oh how nice! The coffee sound wonderful and the CD is sure to be a hit!

  57. Dimple Queen says:

    I must have scrolled right over this post the other day! What's up with that?? Count me in!Angela

  58. Lovely blog. The coffee sounds delish. Thanks for the chance.

  59. Sherrylinn says:

    Oh, this sounds like a wonderful set! I've added your giveaway button to my blog as well. God Bless!

  60. Under the Florida Su says:

    I'm a total newbie to your blog! I love it!! And of course I love a good giveaway.. especially when it's coffee!Can't wait to come back and visit!

  61. I just added your button to my blog. The CD sounds great and the coffee … I LOVE coffee!

  62. windycindy says:

    You sponsor such wonderful giveaway prize packages! The CD is fantastic and the coffee and its' flavor are perfect. Please enter my name in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindijchoppes[at]hotmail[dot]com

  63. Putting your link on my blog site <a href="http://lattebuddies.blogspot.com<br />I love your blog name, too! Goes perfect with mine!!!! Kerri in Spokane

  64. juliekg122 says:

    I've decided to come out of lurkdome to have you add my name to the drawing if it isn't too late. Thanks so much. I've appreciated reading your blog.Julie G.

  65. Thank you for your blog. I appreciate your voice, especially your comments on luck. I am looking into starting a praise and coffee here in IL. I'll let you know when we do. Please put my name in your drawing. I did just add your button to my blog.Thanks again!Marlene

  66. I love your site! You are very encouraging, Thank You! I added your button to my blog, I linked yesterday's article for all to read and I also borrowed your coffee bean background, if that's okay! 🙂 Thanks for your generous giveaways! ~Sydney

  67. The cd sounds great! And who doesn't love coffee?? Thanks!

  68. What a giveaway……And in a month of Thanksgiving. May we all remember to give thanks and praise~

  69. just love your blog, so thank you.nickmal(at)wildblue(dot)net

  70. Thanks for the giveaway contest! Coffee and praise music is such a great combo- and the perfect atmosphere for writing letters!Thanks!artandjen(at)

  71. Count me in, and I have your button on on my blog!

  72. Karla @ Ramblin&#039 says:

    I just discovered this site! I posted the button on my sidebar at Another Road to Ramble. Sounds like a great giveaway!

  73. What a great giveaway! I also have your button on my sidebar!