O Praise Him!!

You are going to love this!!
By the end of it I promise you that your heart will be overflowing with praise to Him.

I laughed out loud when I first saw this, you’ll see what I mean.
It makes you smile! (And then it makes me cry… in a good way.)

Take a few minutes out of your crazy day, enjoy this video and join in worshipping our Wonderful Holy God!

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  1. That was great!if that does not make you yearn to see Him face to face—-I'm thinking you might want to check and see just who you belong to.How awesome to shout out to the Lord and not care who hears. He is our God and He is soooooo worthy!

  2. It gave me chills. Praise Him!Blessings,~Toni~

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Sue. I did laugh out loud…when I'm working out in the morning with my iPod blaring, pounding the pavement, there have been times that I have been belting out a praise and worship song and suddenly come to the realization that I had been singing aloud for some time. There are other times that I am just so overwhelmed by praise and worship for Him that I have to stop and just praise and worship Him!While I was watching this, over on the right side of your blog, my eye was caught by your post about Taylor and I first wondered if they are able to praise Him today. I stopped and prayed that they would be able to and also, selfishly, that I would never have to experience the loss of a child. They are on my heart this morning.

  4. Susan, I'm right there with you! I can't seem to keep my hands out of the air when I listen on my ipod. I'm sure people think I'm crazy, but I'll be a fool for HIM anyday!Thanks for praying for Taylors family, I know they cherish it. At the funeral her Mom had her hands raised high as they played "Praise You in the Storm" it was beautiful.

  5. How awesome!! It gave me chills. Thanks for sharing. May we praise Him today and always, regardless of our situation! :o)

  6. i couldn't play the video.boo hoo hoo.BUT i am praisin HIM just the same….:) i'm just getting caught up in blogger world…the garage sale set me back a tad….but slowly i am bouncing back. love you to you sister sue!

  7. Tamatha says:

    wow……what an awesome video…thanks for sharing.

  8. TammieFay says:

    Oh yeah! This Mississippi Baptist girl's got her hands in the air…He is worthy!

  9. Love this video…can't wait to show my kids tomorrow, they are going to love it! I find myself doing this while driving…probably not the safest thing but hey I just can't help it!Praise Him indeed!

  10. Panda-Mom says:

    Amazing how we can see with our mind's eye Who we are worshipping though the world is blind. Thanks for sharing! ; )

  11. ColoradoDreaming says:

    Thanks for sharing that. It did make me cry in a good way. What a wonderful way to start a day!

  12. Thanks Sue. That was great. I watched the video yesterday and it was playing in my mind this a.m. when I woke up. So, I gathered the kid's together and my husband and they all watched after breakfast this morning. My husband was really touched and seemed speechless for a few moments. I asked him if he would be able to play (guitar) and sing it and he thinks that he would be able to. Yeah! He is our worshiper when a small group of us get together and pray for our church.

  13. Jill V. says:

    I plugged in my speakers so I could hear this. That was awesome. I love those times when I am so in His presence that I do not care what is going on anywhere else. It reminds me that being engulfed in His presence is so much more real than the illusion of this world. Thank You Jesus!

  14. Theresa ♥ says:

    What a great video!I am continuing to pray for Taylor's family as well. In Him,Theresa

  15. Mandalyn says:

    The video blessed me greatly!

  16. I've been catching up – so sorry to hear about your friends' daughter. Heartbreaking.On a happier note – Happy Birthday! (Belated)

  17. What an uplift! I need to save this!