Praise and Coffee Girlfriends Weekend!

If you’ve come today (because of the Kalamazoo Gazette ) looking for info on the Praise and Coffee/ Loving Well (Beth Moore) video retreat at the Plainwell Comfort Inn on March 6-7th, click on the picture below and it will tell you everything you need to know.

If you plan to come, sign up soon, I don’t want you to miss this!

Due to an overwhelming response, we are filling up fast!

The next Praise and Coffee Night at the
Plainwell Coffee Mill will be on:
APRIL 23, 2009

Also, feel free to enter for the giveaway for free Praise and Coffee HERE.

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  1. i wish you would do one in raleigh, nc!!!

  2. Praise and Coffee says:

    This was left by Sparksstacy, but I don't have any way to get ahold of you :)What would you like to know?!WOW, I am in otsego and I was not aware you had this, please send me more info,

  3. I think I can make the one in April! Yeah!

  4. Praise and Coffee says:

    Yay Mary! That will be sooo cool!