Road Trip!

It's time to lean in and add to the conversation.

It’s time to lean in and add to the conversation.

Why Praise and Coffee?? Because we believe that when 2 or 3 of us are gathered in His name, He comes. And when ordinary women spend time with Jesus, extraordinary things happen!

May is a busy month for Praise and Coffee!

I would love it if I could meet some of you along the way, if any of these are in your neck of the woods, please come see us!

I also plan to do more traveling to the different groups around the nation this year, hope to catch you along the way!
If you’d like more info about starting a Praise and Coffee, check out our free eBook: Starting a Praise and Coffee

Much love, Sue

Connecting with women, to encourage each other and inspiring them to draw closer to God.

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  1. Connecting and inspiring each woman is really a great idea! Have a blessed month full of activities 🙂 Enjoy the merry month of MAY! yay!