She’s Changed Our Lives Forever

Sometimes I look into her beautiful brown almond-shaped eyes and imagine.
What would her life have been if she had never left China?

What would she be doing today.

Would she be playing?

Would she have friends?

Would she trust anyone?

Would anyone hug her?

Would anyone hurt her?

Would she be smiling?

Would she laugh?

It brings me to tears.
What would her life be like without her Mommy and Daddy?

And then I think, what would my life be like?

How many smiles wouldn’t have crossed my lips?

How much laughter would this family have missed?

How many hugs would these arms have ached for?

How often would I sing and dance in my living room without her?

We have forever changed her life, and she has forever changed ours.

I’m so thankful.

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  1. She's beautiful. You are all so blessed to have each other. It's amazing how God works things out.Have a blessed weekend.

  2. What a Blessing! You are such a Blessing to her also. Have a great weekend:)

  3. What a blessing!! I feel the same way, and have wondered the same things about our sweet daughter from China.

  4. What a precious post! Isn't God good???

  5. Great picture. I love to see you with her.

  6. You and your daughter are both so beautiful.What a precious testimony!I have two friend who adopted girls from China. They are all so adorable.It's nice to meet you. I found you from Karen "Irritable Mother's" blog.Julie

  7. creative gal says:

    What a blessing for both of you.

  8. Edge of Design says:

    Between you and Leslie, honestly. Please pass the Kleenex. Thanks!

  9. When I read this post I heard the word "RESCUED" whispered in my spirit. And then (stay with me here) a scene from (gulp) Pretty Woman popped into my head. :)At the end of the movie, Richard Gere climbs a fire escape, conquering his fear of heights, and asks Julia Roberts' character "What happens when the Prince climbed the tower to rescue the Princess?" And she says, "She rescued him right back."I would say that your sweet, adorable angel has not only been rescued, but she has done her fair share of "rescuing you right back!" What do you think?Blessings, friend!Dori

  10. Praise and Coffee says:

    That is the absolute truth Dori, and great analogy. :)Who knows where my life would be without her. She really brought my heart home.

  11. Love that picture of you two! You are so very blessed. I have thought the exact things. I love seeing God's work at placing these children right where they belong? No one else could do that so beautifully! He is SO good!

  12. How beautiful! What an awesome blessing God has given to both of you.

  13. Beautiful Words. I'm so thankful for the Blessing that your family can share. It's not only a perk for her, it's for you also. I love to hear about your life and what God has done in you family. God Bless

  14. I'm so happy that you were able to provide a safe home for her!

  15. Thanks for posting this. It's a great reminder for all Christians who are living out a genuine faith. Karyn

  16. no doubt…what a tremendous blessing…you are thr 4th person that i know who has adopted chidren from China. One of my freinds keaves on Tuesday for a little 2 year old boy…

  17. What a precious post! I have tears in my eyes. We have been back two weeks with our precious new 10-year-old son from Ethiopia, and in just the almost 4 weeks we've been together, I've had many thoughts like those you expressed. God is so, so good.

  18. She is beautiful! Such a sweet post. Thank you for sharing!

  19. amen, very well said. I think the same things regarding Hope and Grace.

  20. A Stone Gatherer says:

    What a precious post! She is a blessing from God, and you are a blessing to her! Her Mommy and Daddy! God had such a plan!

  21. I really cannot imagine her anywhere but with you all!

  22. Hey – you! I got my fun box of goodies today! I will blog about it soon – my stepson has our camera so am hoping to get it back tomorrow. :)Thanks so much!

  23. Gina@Chats With An & says:

    She is lucky to have YOU!

  24. We should all take a moment to reflect on the blessings we have, shouldn't we?Friends of ours adopted a boy (surprised them, believe me!) from China last year and have just put in the paperwork for another one (whichever God blesses them with). With four biological children and a toddler…they are busy, but feel so blessed.Hugs to you AND the little Miss.

  25. She is a precious little girl.