Sidewalk chalk goes awry…

It starts out like (almost) any other day, a father and daughter doing some chalking…

Suddenly, things go bad…(or good depending on your point of view)

She returns the offense…
With great satisfaction!

is thinking…mom would never do this with me….

..and she’s so right…

It’s like putting mascara on, you can’t do it with your mouth closed…

Add a squeel for effect…

And a hearty guffaw!

…continue with giggles throughout…

My little Asian smurf and her very fun Daddy!

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  1. That's too funny!Hope you have a great weekend!Karen

  2. This made my morning! I <3 the way you captured this precious moment!!

  3. Dad's are the best! So cute

  4. Thats why little ones need their daddy's. Moms & Dads just love their kids different. Kids need both.

  5. devildogwife says:

    Daddy's are there just for those type of moments. You captured the moment perfectly. 🙂

  6. Giggle giggle giggle! So glad you caught those photos! I'll have to sing the smurf song next time I see you! 🙂

  7. Praise and Coffee says:

    He's the best Daddy!!!Denise, I'm looking forward to that!!

  8. SunnySusan says:


  9. This is so sweet! What a great Dad!

  10. day by day says:

    Oh, funny!!! Dad's are lots of fun…and yes, they usually are so fun because they do the crazy, silly things us Mommys don't do. : )

  11. Your new masthead is very attractive Sue.Tghis was a fun time daughter ad daddy.

  12. Faith Imagined says:

    That is fantastic!!! Great pictures!!!

  13. That is just absolutely precious!

  14. Kim... and Her Coffe says:

    This is precious! And, the part about Mommy not doing this ~ I totally relate. Dads are just so fun!!!

  15. Melissa in Mel' says:

    I LOVE the play by play of their day…Mark is such an awesome dad…you are truly a blessed woman!xoxo,Melissa in Mel's World

  16. Just Mom says:

    What a terrific moment to capture. Made me smile. 😀

  17. Precious!! What a cool daddy to have fun like that with his little girl.

  18. Who knew chalk would draw on your face?! Sounds fun!

  19. elizabeth embracing says:

    To cute for words, but you did a terrific job with the picture.

  20. Oh my cheeks are hurting 😀 Thanks for sharing this. It truly lighten my heart.

  21. oh my gosh I love these pictures!! My daughter's name is Lauren too!!!