Signs of the Season at my House and The October Winner!

Welcome to the Cramers…

This was the other day when Lauren’s buddies from across the street came over to make pumpkin cookies. Aren’t you lovin’ that sassy hair?! Had to keep it out of the frosting. 🙂
And yes, there IS a cookie under there.
My sweet Stephie brought me home roses the other day, just because! I love that girl.

Looking off the deck.

The whole family!

And now what you’ve all been waiting for…


The Winner of the October Praise and Coffee Giveaway is:
Sunny Susan
Congrats and thanks to all of you that entered!

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  1. Lady_MSnow says:

    Everything looks wonderful. Autumn is my favorite time of year. Oh..and congrats to the winner. 😀

  2. SunnySusan says:

    Yeah me….I have not won anything in a real long time….I will email you with my snail mail…Thanks Sue and have a blessed weekend…..

  3. Christina says:

    What a comfy home… Thanks for letting me in!

  4. Yummy, pumpkin cookies. I had a pumpkin blizzard yesterday, oh sooo good! I love it when the house has kids baking and frosting and cooking!Great pics!

  5. Susan Kelly Skitt says:

    Love it friend. Fall is my favorite season, all the colors and the crisp autumn air. Loved your little baker too! So cute!Have a great weekend 🙂 Would appreciate your prayers for my oldest. He got a concussion last night during karate class and was supposed to travel to see a college over the holiday weekend. He still plans to go…

  6. Gina@Chats With An & says:

    I love, love, love, love, love, fall! Did I mention I love fall! Your home is so inviting…and I wish I could come over and lick that frosting bowl!!! If I do…may I please put my hair up to look like your little girls? It's adorable!

  7. You home looks beautiful. Warm and inviting. And yes, I love that sassy hair.Blessings from Costa RicaKathie

  8. Sue, you've been tagged:) I can only imagine how busy you are but if you have time, thought you'd like to share 7 interesting facts:) Thank you for your beautiful words and blog!Bree

  9. Edge of Design says:

    I second that. You home looks warm and inviting. Your sweet little girl looks like she is either taking her cooking skills very seriously or is not impressed that she's stuck with KP. 🙂

  10. Beautiful decor!I love your pots at you front door. Godd Bless you! Have a wounderful weekend.

  11. Mel's World says:

    Congrats Susan!!!I love your little pumpkin family, and especially LOVE Lauren's "Sassy" hair! I totally LOVE it!I loved looking at your FALL, we don't usually get FALL down here, and it is MY FAVORITE season, so I get to enjoy it through my friends blogs! Thanks!xoxo,Melissa