Sometimes the Night is Beautiful

I love this song! I will never get tired of it, the words are so powerful and the video pictures in this are done very well.
I am always reminded of this song when walking through tough times…the line “sometimes the night was beautiful” just brings tears to my eyes.

The “night”, the darkest hour, the loneliest most painful time…can be so beautiful when we find HIM there. He has made so many dark times in my life beautiful by His love.

I have also sung these words by faith when I was so confused at the course my life had taken…”step by step You’ll lead me, and I will follow YOU all of my days!”

If you have time, watch it all the way through, the ending is so powerful.

Sometimes By Step by Rich Mullins

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  1. I love Rich Mullins! Here is one of my favorite quotes…"So if I stand, let me stand on the promise that You will see me through… And if i can't let me fall on the Grace that first brought me to You!"

  2. I LOVE this song, too. When The Boy was in Colorado this summer, the one thing he said over and over was that he felt like he could reach up and touch heaven. I loved that. Hugs…Susan

  3. This is one of my favorite songs by him too. Never seen the video great pictures.

  4. I love that one! I have never heard that before.

  5. Sue @ praise & c says:

    Alana, I love that! Such powerful words.Thanks,Sue

  6. Sue @ praise & c says:

    Susan, very cool! It IS one of those kind of songs, isn't it?!

  7. Christina says:

    I just have to tell you that I have reading your blog for a few days and have REALLY enjoyed myself!Thank you for being soooo encouraging and uplifting! Just what I need in the AM…

  8. Susan Kelly Skitt says:

    Love Rich Mullins too. I remember the first time I drove past the place on the road where my husband had died in a car accident, I had Rich Mullins song, "Hold Me Jesus" playing as tears streamed down my face. Jesus… He's all we need, one step at a time. Jesus is with us all the way!

  9. Sue @ praise & c says:

    Thank you Christina!

  10. Sue @ praise & c says:

    Susan, Oh, I can't imagine. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! We can learn so much from your faith and hope in the Lord.Blessings,Sue

  11. Beth K. Vogt says:

    Sometimes it's only after the night is over that I see the beauty of it.Thanks for the reminder.And thanks for stopping by my blog, The Writing Road.

  12. love this song. thank you for sharing it. love you too sue! have fun in florida! i am off to kansas city — too bad we are going in the same direction and able to connect for a cuppa!one day…..maybe even before we are in heaven.

  13. Sometimes th night is so dark. You feel as if it will never end–but it does. And when the sun comes up you realize that He was sitting right there with you all through the night. The same tear stains that are on your cheeks are on His.He is our God and I will always love Him.He is sweet and pure love.

  14. Sue @ praise & c says:

    Beth, thanks for stopping by!Ruth, Oh I hope so!Sharon, what a beautiful picture you paint.

  15. Frazzled Farm Wife says:

    I love Rich Mullins too!

  16. Cahleen 何凱琳 says:

    I also love that song! Somehow it's even more powerful to read the words when they're written out though. Thanks!

  17. holy chaos says:

    Rich Mullins is one of my all time favorite writers and singers. Thank you for posting that! Have you read his biography "An Arrow Pointing to Heaven?" It was a life chamging book for me.

  18. Sue @ praise & c says:

    HOly chaos,No, I haven't but it sounds really good.

  19. Heather C says:

    Great song, Sue! Thanks for sharing… :)Heather

  20. Sue @ praise & c says:

    Heather, I thought you might like that!

  21. This video was awesome! Thanks for sharing it.

  22. That is so beautiful! I have always loved that song:o)

  23. Rachel Marie says:

    love it! yesterday i found myself singing that song as i walked on my treadmill and the "step by step you'll lead me" took on new meaning as i considered my need to be led by Him in my actual steps each day and in my heart!

  24. Denise Dykstra says:

    Sue,Need your e-mail address, this is the only way for me to reach you….not that I am complaining! Love that song too, can't help but sing along. There is a new(ish) song out that I love and always reminds me of you but for the life of me I cannot remember it right now. Anyhow, great blog. Let me know when is a good day for me to drop by so I can run you over some cookies.