Take time to smell the flowers!

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  1. Sue – She's so adorable! I LOVE lilacs. Ours aren't out yet. My tulips just popped up yesterday for the first. I'm obviously a little behind here.

  2. Monkey Giggles says:

    what a cutie-pa=tutie….

  3. Sue she is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. AHHHHH! Do I get to hug her? She's so adorable, Sue. Love her outfit too.Blessings,~Toni~

  5. Monkey Giggles says:

    Hi, I am tagging you- come on over if you want to play.

  6. i bet she felt grown up and beautiful while you took those pictures. 🙂 it's been said but i'll say it again – she's a little doll. and so, SO blessed to be your daughter. to grow up in a family where TRUTH is poured into her. Jesus obviously had a special plan for her, and i know it didn't stop when she came into your family. and you, my dear, have a front row seat. 🙂

  7. Jill V. says:

    She is getting SOOOO Big since I last saw her! What a cutie! We still miss you guys!!

  8. ahhhh your girl is absolutely gorgeous!! i would love to hang out with you — drink coffee, talk about Jesus and watch our girls play. ! 🙂 shalom my friend…

  9. You are SOOO Blessed!!!! She is adorable, my heart jumped when I saw her! Bless you!

  10. Thank you all, you're so sweet!She is our little pearl!

  11. I can't wait 'til our playdate in the morning!!!Love,Auntie Leigh

  12. CrownLaidDown says:

    Pre-cioussss!I forgot to read your next post this morning…now I know why I got off on the wrong foot! Off I go to read it again!Love,Holly

  13. Kelly Fisher says:

    There are no words to describe that precious gift from God!

  14. Sue, she is so precious!!! My former pastor and his wife are in Beijing right now and get their new daughter on Sunday — WHAT A MOTHER'S DAY GIFT!! :)Happy Mother's Day!Blessings,Dori

  15. on the Rock says:

    She is certainly a sweetie! And those look like my favorite shade of lovely lilac…No adoption updates yet though. It's going to take a little while to get reoriented.God Bless,Betty

  16. I think we should all take some time and do just what Lauren is doing, and thank God for giving us such wonderful flowers to stop and smell. Miss ya little one, see you soon love Auntie Ali (oh ya miss you to sue,lol).

  17. She's certainly got the right idea!Love her cute, little outfit too!

  18. i hope this comment reaches you…i have been trying to leave a comment and blogger keeps gobbling it. :)these pictures are beautiful. our little ones can teach us soooo much. the joy is IN the journey and we so often rush through the journey in an effort to reach the destination. in doing that we miss out little fragrances found in the in between parts….love you sue. xo

  19. Mandalyn says:

    Hi! I saw your site on Monkey Giggles blog and thought I would visit you! Your family is beautiful! I looked at Lauren's site as well and loved it!!It's very nice to meet you!God Bless!