The Walking Wounded

This is a quote from a children’s book by Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman about a little Chinese girl that’s going to be adopted:

“But, then, there’s a cry that’s the saddest of all.
In fact, it’s unlike any other.
It comes from a deep, empty place in your heart
That can only be filled by a mother.”

The first several times I read this story to my daughter I couldn’t even say those words because I was either crying or had such a large lump in my throat the words just couldn’t get past it.

As I was reading it to my daughter tonight, I thought of all the people in this world that do not know the Lord. They don’t know their Heavenly Father.
There is a longing, an emptiness…a God-shaped hole in the heart of every person that hasn’t received (and possibly has even rejected) His love and forgiveness.

Sometimes I can get so frustrated when sinners sin.
I forget to look past the sin and see the pain that is driving them to behave this way.
In the same way, I can get offended when someone is unkind or harsh with me.

We have a dog and she is so sweet. She has been with our family for several years now and never hurt any one of us. Lauren lays on her and pulls her ears and she still never does anything that might hurt her.
BUT, if she were ever hurt or hit by a car, I would NOT let Lauren near her.
WHY? Because in her state of pain and fear, she could respond in a violent manner.
It is only natural.

There have been times when the Lord has reminded me to see people this way.
Bloody, wounded and seething with pain.

Obviously, they are not physically injured, but the pain for some is deeper than physical wounds. Many times, the responses and reactions that we get from people are not a direct result of their feelings towards us, but a response to their feelings toward themselves or others who have hurt them.

I’m not excusing bad behavior…

But possibly, if we opened our heart. We might see that love could heal some relationships that have been destroyed by one person’s pain, and another’s resistance to forgive.

In the same manner, if we understand how empty and sad a heart can be without the Lord, maybe we can see beyond the outside walls built aroung their heart and give them a reason to let Him in!

He’s the only hope for a lost and hurting world.

It takes a person strong in their walk with the Lord to open their own heart to the possibility of being hurt by the wounded- but it’s worth every battle scar.

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  1. Michelle (wife, mom, says:

    POWERFUL! What an awesome reminder. I often pray to see others as God sees them (as His children). That can be so hard…and honestly there are times when I really need others to see ME as God does, when I am acting poorly. And, you're right, it is so often out of pain and disillusionment. I thank God for His perfect healing, and I thank you for the reminder of the "walking wounded" who need our love and mercy, not our condemnation.Blessings,Michelle

  2. Sue @ praise & c says:

    Michelle, Praying to see them as He does- awesome reminder!Sue

  3. I have forgotten to look at others as God does lately, Great reminder Sounds like a very good book. My weepy side would not let me read the words either, especially looking into those sweet brown eyes.(Lauren)Alisun

  4. Wow, that is really powerful. I am going to send my mom over here to read that. She is dealing with a not so great situation, her husband is an orphan, and he still has major problems. I think loving him through them will help, but we all want her to leave so she doesn't have to go through the pain all the time. God put her there for a reason. Well, we think more that God can work through any situation than He actually put her there.

  5. Love your thoughts here Sue.Seeing through God's eyes makes all the difference!Blessings to you.

  6. Susan Kelly Skitt says:

    Yes, compassion, Christ's compassion goes a long way. Thanks for this beautiful reminder.

  7. Sue, I love coming over for a daily devotional! This is right on and thank you for putting down so clearly!

  8. Penless Thoughts says:

    It takes a person strong in their walk with the Lord to open their own heart to the possibility of being hurt by the wounded- but it's worth every battle scar.What truth!!!!!How many of us are truly willing to do that?Susan

  9. Oh my! What a compete reversal of the way we tend to see other people. I have been struggling with this very thing…praying over it, searching the scripture for direction, and then your post just brought it all together in a coherent way.Thank you so much for your insight and great analogies.

  10. Melissa @ Breath of says:

    I needed to read this today. Thanks for being obedient!

  11. Irritable Mother says:

    Oh, if we would only remember that people are often operating out of their pain! Lord, give is Your eyes and Your heart, that we may reflect Your love in this broken, hurting world!Thanks for writing this today!

  12. Sue you are so right. This past weekend as I watched our women I was also reminded of just how said it is that many believers also walk around wounded. They have not realized, been taught or understand that "when Christ sets us free we are free indeed" There is so much emotional pain out there due to sinful choices of our own and of others. There are day I want to just walk up to every women I see whether a believer or not and tell them that Christ came so the she might be free of all her sin, guilt and shame. She can live in the fullness of God's joy!! If only they knew…if only someone would tell them. If only someone would walk beside them in their journey to Christ …to freedom. But we are too busy…we condemn…we walk away…Thank you for your dear heart Sue…

  13. I agree with you here.So many are acting out of pain.My passion is for the body of Christ.So many are still in pain even after coming to know the Lord. They have such a hard time feeling for the unsaved because they are still in such pain themselves. They don't understand why what was supposed to fill them up has seemed to have left them empty.I pray for healing with in the body of Christ. So that those who have been healed can go out and reach out to the unsaved with that LOVE.It is not enough just to get our ticket to heaven–to touch this world we must have been touched by the maker of the heavens.Thank you for this post.

  14. my friend….this post is relateable to me in so many ways! i'm reading a book by tom davis, "red letter:living a faith that bleeds"have you heard of it? shalom….

  15. Heather C says:

    Love the analogy of a wounded animal. That rings so true!Glad your son is home… happy homecoming! 🙂 Heather

  16. Sue @ praise & c says:

    …loving all your input!!…So glad to hear that I'm not only one who sometimes forgets to see people this way.

  17. Sue, powerful post. Thank you for sharing it! Sandy

  18. Wow! That is very insightful. So often our human nature gets defensive towards people who are lashing out at us but this is a good reminder to take a step back and see why they might be lashing out.

  19. CrownLaidDown says:

    As we like to lovingly say in our family…you are SO SMART!! Really, this is well thought out and so true. Even reading your words at the beginning, I already had a lump…now I need that lump to stay for those who are hurt and angry and missing the only ONE who can fill that hole.Wow!Love you!Holly

  20. happygeek says:

    I cried when I read this. The leadership team I am on has been having some issues with a non-believer and it's like you wrote this letter to us. Thank-you for this. Can I have your permission to steal a few lines to e-mail to the group?

  21. First timer to your blog here!;)Have to tell you when we first purchased this book, it was during the wait. My mom was so incredibly excited and brought it so our daughter waiting for Mei Mei would get more acquainted with what was coming for our family. I got to the part of the book you quoted and began to sobbbbb! But precious daughter, she said, "Keep reading Mommy, we'll never get to the good part if you stop there." How true. Love your site, Praise God for your insightful commentary. Blessings to you for a wonderful evening.Heather

  22. Sue @ praise & c says:


  23. Sue @ praise & c says:

    oops…did it again, hit that button to soon!happygeek,You go ahead and use anything that you want. It's all for God's glory!!Sue

  24. Sue @ praise & c says:

    Heather,So glad you stopped by!Sue

  25. …oh, what a blessing for me to know that there is someone else who can't whip past the words, without having something in them touched. Sometimes the words have gripped me so deeply that I am also moved to tears. Oh that God would use our lives to apply Him to those God size holes that we meet everyday. That people would let us minister to them with Him. Oh that the wounded in spirit would find their Healer and Comforter. blessings;Kimmiemama to 6one homemade and 5 adopted

  26. Hi Sue. I was just journaling about this last week. And reading Sacred Marriage…it is also addressed there…that we are all walking wounded, even knowing Christ, we still carry our hurts and wounds that cause us to, at times, lash out. The difference is that we come crawling back to our Father. Good stuff this morning, Sue. I needed it!Hugs…Susan

  27. Kelly Fisher says:

    Yes, Sue. It's worth it! Great post! I am getting ready to post something on "Circumstance vs. Relationship" – which talks about the importance of focusing on our relationship with God – rather than our circumstances. And, most importantly, entrusting our circumstances to God – which is really hard to do when there is so much pain and hurt. It's amazing how differently we see things – not just in our own life – but the life of others – when our focus is on God.Blessings to you!

  28. Don and Lisa Osborn says:

    Hi Sue,I know I've been by your blog in the past but I don't think I've commented. I read some of the amazing posts of encouragement you've left on other blogs as well as your incredible posts on this blog and I feel compelled to thank you. Thank you for being a light in a dark world and for bringing hope and encouragement to those hurting. There are so many hurting and scared because of the wait to adopt from China and I love the verses you've brought to the table to remind us of God's love for us.I can't wait to spend some time going back and reading your insightful posts. Right now the dishes need unloaded from the dishwasher but I'll be back!!! :o)Keep up the lovely work.Lisa

  29. redeemed diva says:

    Amazing!I've been thinking these exact same thoughts. Thanks for thinking them out loud. And thanks for checking out my blog. Anyone who likes to listen to Rita Springer is good in my books!

  30. holy chaos says:

    so true…I can handle people who are not Christians behaving in hurtful ways… but what about Christians when they do??? My level of expectaion is higher for them and (?know?)guess that is wrong. okay, convicted after reading the comments along with your post!

  31. The Preacher's says:

    Sue, I just love your blog….That's all I have to say. :)Lisa

  32. Sue @ praise & c says:

    Ruth- just realized I never answered you…no I haven't heard of that book. I'll have to check it out.Holy chaos- the truth is, it shouldn't happen amoung brothers and sisters in Christ, but it does, so we have to personally make an effort to change that in our lives. Forgiveness and humility are the foundations of healthy Christian relationships.

  33. Wow…this was wonderful. What a powerful reminder…we ALL need to be reminded of this truth from time to time. I loved the analogy you used of your family pet…beautiful!Blessings to you!~Tammy

  34. Love covers a multitude of sins. Great lesson and teaching in your post.i am so jugemental and impatient at times. I need to be reminded to GET IN LINE because Jesus has forgiven a multitude of my sins.I know hurt people hurt people and sometimes its a result of being physically weak too. with me. Sometimes when i am physically low I just can 't handle things properly.

  35. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog!!I will be back to read more of yours real soon. You have a very interesting blog…I love it!:)Candy

  36. I LOVE this post. Thanks for it.What a reminder to see people as hurt themselves instead of just being ugly (which is how I tend to see them most of the time).Thanks for visiting me at my blog and your sweet comment.I will come visit again!Blessings on YOU!In HIM -Mindy

  37. Wonderful reminder and great insight. That is so true-that people respond out of a well of hurt many times. I need to remember that. Thank you for just being you-heather

  38. According to HIS Pow says:

    Thank you for the much needed reminder to be loving and merciful to those who do not love me. Your words always uplift me!Love and Prayers,Julie

  39. Sue -Yah. I could use you as a mom mentor! Thanks! Can you email me at and let me know when you accepted Jesus into your heart and what areas you'd be willing to mentor in? Thanks so much, girlfriend!