"Today Our Home Was Destroyed By Fire"

Many of you local friends remember Alison Hodgson who spoke at our December 2009 Praise and Coffee Night here in Plainwell, MI.

Alison and Denise Dykstra

Her humor and spirit are just precious and we all quickly fell in love with her!

It was great to see her again at last week’s Praise and Coffee Night when she came with our guest speaker and her good friend Lorilee Craker.

Just 3 days later I found out that her house had been burned down!

Completely destroyed…cars, garage and all…

This is from her Facebook page:

“Today our home was destroyed by fire. The children are grieving and shaken, but Paul and I are so grateful for family, friends and strangers who have come to our aid. We have lost “everything”, but feel rich and free.
I ran out of the house barefoot, in my pajamas and the only thing I grabbed was my laptop”

I chatted online with Alison and she has requested prayers for her family and especially the children as this has been an emotional shock for everyone.

I know you ladies will pray but I also want to give you an opportunity to help them with material things.

Here are a couple of suggestions:
1. If you want to send a note of encouragement or gift card, contact me through email and I’ll share the mailing address.

2. I will be getting them some gift cards and if you would rather combine your gift with mine, you can email me and I’ll give you my Paypal info.

3. Email Alison a note of encouragement: alisonhodgson@comcast.net

Alison is such a precious woman of God and I just know that He is going to bring her beauty for ashes, quite literally. I look forward to seeing what God births out of such destruction, I know it will be good. But for now, I pray for their family as they grieve.

“Lord, let them grieve with hope and bring them joy instead of mourning.”

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  1. This is too much. I don't know this sweet gal either, but I can only imagine how she must be feeling. What a loss for all. 🙁

    Father God, please comfort your girl and her family during this time of loss and grieving. Let them see Your mighty hand rebuild their home. Bring provision through the body of Christ. Send your perfect peace as they wait on You. Sing over them as they sleep each night. Be the great God of all comfort. Lord, we know You and love You, not because of what You give us, but because of who You are. God Almighty! Great, powerful, merciful, all knowing, mighty to save, and abounding in love. We praise and worship You always. This is hard. We feel helpless. We don't understand and our words aren't enough, but You are enough. You are worthy all the time. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  2. will for sure email her a word of encouragement…How sad

  3. Will keep her in my prayers.