Two shall become One ~ Remarriage


Whoa, it’s Tuesday!
Sorry, my brain is kind of mush right now, Lauren has been sick with a bad cough and fever and that means…little sleep for me!

So instead of sit here and try to write something profound about marriage I found a great link on a subject that I haven’t touched on before:


Here is a link to some articles on remarriage. If that is your current circumstance, I hope they are a blessing to you!

Remarriage Posts

I’m praying for our marriages!

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  1. Ronel Sidney says:

    Great website!!

  2. I hope your daughter gets better soon and you can get some rest as well.Take care,Karen

  3. Praise and Coffee says:

    Thanks, unfortunately I feel myself fading fast, I'm hoping the stuff that's going around my house didn't get me. Going to pop some vitamin C right now! 🙂

  4. Irritable Mother says:

    Hmmmm. My kids aren't sick *She says as her daughter sniffles* so what's my excuse for not sleeping?Well, at least the not sleeping thing is an excuse for my mushy brain. LOL!

  5. oh, and I hope your little one feels better soon…it's tough when our kids are sick! Praying for you and for her!