What if You Have Spinach in Your teeth?!

This Two shall become One ~ Tuesday, I have a question for you.

What do other people think about your marriage?

Not just acquaintances from church, but those who know you best.

Sometimes we have no idea the impression we are giving others.

Kind of like when we have a piece of spinach in our teeth.
We just keep on talking and laughing while making those around us very uncomfortable…until a REAL friend stops and tells us what they see! Thankyouverymuch!

I’m not asking you to call your friends and get their opinions of your marriage but maybe you need to think about what impressions you are giving them about your marriage.

Sometimes we need to pull back from our own situations and think about what things are looking like from the outside because that can be a huge indicator of what’s actually going on-on the inside.

I challenge you to take a look at your marriage from other’s points of view and see what you think about it.

If your closest friends were to rate your marriage from 1-10, what would they say?

If the number is low, how could you raise it?
Not just for people’s perception… I’m not talking about putting on an act for others…but really make some changes.

What other people think is not that important unless it is an indicator of something that truly needs to change in our hearts.

Work on the heart of the matter and the outside appearance will take care of itself.

I’m praying for our marriages,

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  1. I think that is why so many people were surprised when my marriage ended in divorce. They only saw the actors on the outside, they never took the time to really see what was on the inside. I have learned that it's okay to be me…to show my true face and to express my feelings of course in the right places. My real friends know the diffrence now between what is an act and what is real. I pray for all your marriages. I have learned what it takes and pray too that someday I may find that one man who is willing to walk thru this life with me till the end. For better or for worse…but not battered and brused.
    God bless!!

  2. innerfulfillment says:
  3. Great post! I love the comparison you made with spinach in our teeth! So true! Another matter of the heart, and being honest with ourselves and God…..just wrote about that this morning….probably the first of several since that is what God seems to be speaking to me lately. I may quote you with a link back to your post in the coming days! 😉

    Thanks for sharing and reminding me to keep a check on my marriage!
    My recent post Search Me- O God- and Know my Heart

  4. Thanks for sharing Meg. So glad you are out of that situation.

  5. Just trying to give us all another way to look at our own relationships 🙂
    Sometimes it helps me to take a look from the outside to see what I'm projecting.

    Thanks for the comment!

  6. Thanks for the input Shelly, glad to hear you are also blogging on it! 🙂