What I’m singing today…

There is NO ONE like YOU GOD!

And I’m also singing Happy Birthday to my oldest son, 21 today!!!
Happy Birthday Matt!

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  1. He And Me + 3 says:

    I love Hillsong…Happy Birthday Matt!

  2. Denise Dykstra says:

    Lovin' your "you might also like" buttons, thanks for the added help. Very cute! 🙂 Happy Birthday to Matt! I must remind you again, for the second time in a week, THEY are getting older NOT US! 🙂

  3. happy birthday Matt!!!

  4. A Stone Gatherer says:

    After seeing the movie Earth I could've been singing that song too! It showed God's creation so beautifully!

  5. Tamatha says:

    Seems like there are so many blogs and facebook pages with worship on it today…I have been playing SO much…it feels great!